I Got Some Excellent Headphones At the Dollar Tree.

I have to tell you all, the dollar store is not the best place to get electronics. That is an established fact, we all know.

But the other day, I decided just as a lark, to get some headphones there. You see my new computer does not have speakers. You have to attach them, or listen with headphones.

I do already have headphones with some old Walkmans I have. But as I said, I figured still, what the heck.

I was almost afraid to try them, due to my past experiences. But you know, these headphones aren’t half bad. They work beautifully. I kid you not. And at the Dollar Tree. Write it down.

I might as well tell you what it says on the back:

Well, has the dollar store been vindicated, or is this just an isolated incident?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is it these? Because you could get a couple of dozen spares without having to go back to the store.

Those are the ones:).

I was going to describe them as the ones that the speakers swivel. But now that you have provided an accurate picture, that is unnecessary.


You know what’s good at the dollar store? Greeting cards. Even at Target, greeting cards cost 5 - 6 bucks and more. So they have these large stocks of cards from a few, heh, years back. You can tell they’re old cuz the price on the back is like $2.25. The same mooshy sentiments and jokes they sell now. They recycle all the old material anyway. But you get them for a dollar, or even fifty cents.

Helium balloons are also a bargains at the Dollar Tree.

Speaking of electronics, I got a powerstrip at the Tree one time. My family made sooooo much fun of me. But the thing was damn good. I have used it for 3 years, never a problem. So, to get back at my family everyone got one for Christmas that year. Cause I am revengful that way.:slight_smile: