I got superglued back together

or how I spent my Friday night

So, I had won tickets to see Sevendust. Originally, I had planned on taking my 14 year old, but it turned out that the show was 18 and over. My husband doesn’t particularly like the band (or even the genre), so I was hoping that one of my friends could go. No such luck – one of them had his kids for the weekend and the other’s husband was being Total Dickface, so I took my husband.

I have to say the venue was pretty cool. I would like to see more bands there – big enough to not feel clustered, small enough to enjoy the bands.

I should say that while I don’t drink often, I do have a pretty high tolerance for alcohol. So long as it isn’t mixed with anything sweet. I think because of my gastric bypass, anytime I drink sweet mixed drinks, I get drunk faster than I would if I just drank the liquor straight. During the first hour and a half or so, I had cough6 double jack & pineapple juice cough so even with my high tolerance, I am sure you know where this is going.

Yup, I bashed my face on the rail at the stage. It hurt, but ya know, in my drunken haze, it didn’t hurt that bad. I figured it was pretty bad though when I felt that lovely, thick warm liquid gushing out of my face. By the time we got to the bar to recover my credit card, I was completely soaked through with blood – we discovered later that my bra is pretty well trash it’s covered in blood. The club comped my drinks (heheheh, that was a lot of money, too!)and gave me a nice clean towel to mop my face. Hubby decided it was bad enough to require stitches and gave me the “you can argue all you want, but I will drag you kicking and screaming into the ER if I have to” talk.

Funny enough, there were only 2 people in the ER who were actually bleeding. Me and gun-shot guy. It took 2.25 hours to get into an exam room. Funny enough, my husband thought they were asking me the “did your husband do this to you routine” when they took me to xray, but they actually never even asked me how I did it. After about 4 hours, the doctor finally comes in, gives me a tetanus shot and superglues the wound back together. She wanted to do stitches but said the glue should be just as good. Honestly, I would have preferred waiting until Monday or Tuesday and paying my $25 co-pay but well…that was my Friday night.

The show was pretty friggin awesome, though.

How was your Friday night?

**oh, and obligatory picture of my idiocy

Owie, owie, owie. Why did I click on the pic?

Hope you heal fast, Litoris, and with minimal scaring.

I really like Sevendust and it sounds like you had a memorable time. One can never have too many drinking/injury/concert stories.

I’m going to a concert next month, the Jagermeister Tour; Stone Sour, Lacuna Coil, Shadows Fall and I think there is one other band too. It’s in a smallish venue similar to the one you went to and I can’t wait. Hopefully, I won’t need a trip to the ER afterwards though.

To be fair, the wound looks way worse than it feels. Of course, as the day moves on, it is getting more swollen and bruised, but it’s really not that painful. Well, until my daughter does the “does this poke hurt?” game. Then she gets punched. Not really, but the next slug bug I call on her she won’t soon forget…

It’s pretty funny that I’ve been going to live shows since I was like 11-12 – and was always in the pit, usually barefoot and this is my first concert-injury story. Heck, I have even been drunker and not gotten injured. Guess it was just my night.

Hubby is wanting to go see Loreena McKennit, that might be a bit safer. Of course, if we do get to figure out a way to go to Bonoroo…I think I will make a point of not drinking for that one.

Where is your shirt? And could you pan lower? :smiley:

You cruel, cruel human being. Taking advantage of this poor woman’s injuries to get off on your own sexual fantasies.
So Litoris, I think you should pan lower just so we can make sure you weren’t injured anywhere else. You may not have even noticed yourself, being in such an intoxicated state.

Thank you for your concern, but believe me, my husband already gave me the once-over about 6 times :smiley:

Shirt? I don’t wear shirts around the house. Or clothes in general. Pretty much the reason my friends have learned to call before showing up.

Funny - it would have just the opposite effect on me. :wink:

When you heal, you and I will have very similar scars. Only mine came from having an idiot dive into the pool without looking thereby giving me the Mother of All Head Butts.

Hope you heal quickly.