I got the arse from my job today

I’m 61, and for the first time ever, I was sacked from my job today. Well, technically I was made redundant (sales have been shite for the industry, no fault of employees yada yada) but still, I am 61 and have no job.

I’ve only ever left jobs of my own volition, so this is a weird new feeling. And being 61, where I live and my skillsets, I’m not hopeful of securing another job in the foreseeable future. Unless of course my last job (which I left 18m ago to go to this one) might take me back. But of course, in the run-up to Xmas, that’s gonna be a no-go, so I’ll have to wait until at least February before getting back into the job market.

Getting old sucks. Getting old without a job or secure income sucks even more.

could you just retire or is that not an option?

Not an option. Retirement age in Aus is currently 67, and my superannuation (I think it’s the equivalent of the US 471 scheme??) doesn’t kick in until then. So in the meantime, I go onto Unemployment Benefits, which will be a third of my income, with just a few spare dollars in my savings to get me through.

Not a happy camper tonight I must say. Grrrrr.

I’ve seen it happen before some company makes promises and gets someone to leave their job only for the place to be worse or out of business overnight…

My uncle is going to be in the same boat soon … apparently, the owner of the security company he works for was indicted in what’s called the 2nd largest Workman’s compensation fund fraud case in California … his bail was 4 mil… uncle found out about it on an internet news site… they’re all just waiting for the business to be seized by the state

But hes too old to go back to construction and not much skilled for anything else …

Well, crap. I’m sorry.

UGH!! Good luck.

While Christmastime may not be the best time to job-hunt, do not wait until February to start! (I’m assuming you were not planning to wait - but the way you phrased it, I just wanted to be sure).

Similar age as you are. My job seems OK for the moment but It would be tough to find something new at our age.

Christmas is a different deal in Australia compared to the US. It’s our summertime here, so many industries actually close down from mid Dec until the end of Jan. So job vacancies are rare, and applying for jobs (especially in my sort of industry) would be totally useless.

I’m going to be contacting my previous employer (I was there for over 11 years) and I left on good terms thank goodness. But again, that will be in the new year as the job is a sales-based charity, and they never put on newbies before the holiday season.

I’d think the odds are good you’ll find something, if not related to what you’re already doing. We’re still swimming in job openings in the US, and I’d think Australia would be similar?

“Something” may or may not be comparable to what he had. Like when I was laid off in 2007 and wound up with a new job, yeah, but making 1/5 of what I have previously. (After all those years I’m back up to 1/2 of what I previously made)

That was my experience as well. I was 50 when my job was eliminated, and my next job (at an Amazon FC) paid about 1/4 of my old one. Seven years on, I’m up to about half my previous salary.

It seems that beyond 50, you’re pretty much stamped “over-qualified” and ignored for anything close to a lateral transition or slightly below it, unless you’ve got an in with the company. Otherwise, back to the bottom rung of the ladder.

I’ve heard the phrase “Too old to be hired and too young to retire” more times than I can stomach.

Sorry to hear this - hope you get a good job again soon.

That sucks. I was head hunted by a firm and then fired a year later because a new office manager who didn’t take a liking to me. I fell into depression for a few years and didn’t even try to look for a new job. Try not to go down that route, if you can avoid it. Hope the old job is still there. Fingers crossed for you. If you do get an interview, do what you can to make yourself look younger as much as possible (dye out the greys etc.).

I’m very sorry. It’s an awful situation to be in.

I’m so sorry. That must be terrifying.

I’m so sorry this happened.

I kind of know how you feel since I relocated to start a new job in 2019 and apparently in the postpandemic world my hours are going to keep fluxuating so much I need to get another job. I do not want to, because looking for a job is so much more work than just doing a job, but have no choice.

life is hard, I’m glad you can at least vent here!

That sucks man. Sorry to hear.

At 51, this fear looms constantly in the back of my head.

Been there done that. I won’t depress you with the details. But I eventually bounced back. I was working multiple jobs in between then and now.

You don’t have to worry about medical benefits and you are from a generation known for it’s work ethic.

Figure out how your skills cross over into other areas and go for it. You have more value than you’re aware of.

Bad luck but fantastic thread title!