I got the house!!!

I just got off the phone with the bank. They funded my home loan yesterday. THE HOUSE IS MINE!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ll still be glad to get the deed, though (or whatever they give you when you get a mortgage).

You may remember from my I lost my job thread that I was stressing mightily over this. Would they call one more time to verify my employment? And I was stressing before that because some work needed to be done before they would fund the loan, and I was worried that I’d be laid off before it was done.

Well, now I’m officially a mortgage payer.

In other news…

I had an interview this morning at the company that laid me off. The interview went well. I met with two managers, each of whom have a position open. Will I get re-hired? I don’t know. I thought my performance was convincing. If I’m re-hired, then I can finish paying off the new Yamaha, the restoration of the '666 MGB, and start saving up for a garage. If I’m not re-hired, then I have a place to move to. Sweet.

(I also asked about other positions that may be open within the company, and gave the information to a couple of other guys who were laid off.)

I’m feeling much better now.



Wonderful! See, your month is looking better already - here’s to a great new job that lets you actually live in your new house!

'Grats, Johnny!


Congrats, Johnny! Still wishin’ ya much luck on the job front.


This is why I’m a Triumph fan :slight_smile:

Congratulations. If you’ll forgive me asking, why are you interviewing for a job in L.A. if you just bought a house in Washington?


<tossing confetti with wild and reckless abandon>

Good luck with the job, too!

I am so happy for you! I was worried about the house with you losing your job. I’m glad that the loan came through anyway. Good luck with the job interviews!

That MG must be a devil of a car. :: rimshot ::

Good! I’m glad that you got the house, and that there is now one less hassle on your plate.


excuse me




It’s a HELL of a car! :smiley: (I must’ve had bouncy fingers when I wrote that.

Well, I figure that I can pay off the mike and the restoration on the car. Maybe even save up for a garage. To tell the truth, part of me doesn’t want to be re-hired. I mean, if I’m not then I can move up next month. On the other hand, I like to work. And I like a fat paycheque. :wink:

BTW. It’s a small house. A three-bedroom on a quarter-acre, a short block from the shore, and only 1,000 square feet. (Maybe 1,090.) Still, I think myself lucky to get it. My best fiend bought it two years ago for $60,000. He sold it to me for its current appraised value of $96,000. Even when he bought it, someone else came in with a higher bid – after the previous owners had already accepted his! After searching for close to a year, I’ve concluded that there are no houses in the $100,000 range left (except for “double-wides”). Whatcom County is the fastest-growing county in Washington, so the value will only go up. There is a new housing tract going up a couple miles away, and I’m told that a new supermarket will be going up near the tract. As more people move to the area, and as more stores go up, the value will increase. If only I had bought a place up there two years ago!


No point in berating yourself for not having been in the real estate market two years ago. You are there now, and if markets in Whatcom County are anything like what we’ve been seeing in the Vancouver area, you’re golden already. Over the past year in the GVRD, there has been really steep demand, which, as we all know, drives prices up.

From what I’ve seen, you will see a pretty good increase in value over the next couple of years, as that housing development is completed and sold. If it is large enough to warrant a new supermarket, it is large enough for a shopping plaza, which will likely be developed and leased on the speculation that further development will go in.

I’m doing courses in appraisal right now, so this is fascinating stuff to me. I beg your forgiveness if your eyes have glazed over.


I’m excited for you but sure going to miss you. Congratulations!!!


Yay for you Johnny! A door never gets slammed in your face without a window opening somewhere to let the flies in and then you have to caulk it. Or something like that.

Good to hear.

I’m so glad that things are working out for you Johnny. I’ve been concerned since I read about you losing your job.

Well, you might not be getting rid of me yet. If the company that laid me off offers me a job, then I’ll have to take it. If I turn it down, then I don’t get unemployment payments.