I got the part! OH HAPPY DAY!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I have been cast in “The Bacchae”! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My heart was racing as I walked into the Theater Arts building. As I headed toward the cast list, a woman (who wound up getting cast as Curly’s Wife in “Of Mice and Men” ) spoils the suspense by telling me, “Oh, Incubus, you got the part.” rather casually. I was really happy, and I dashed over to the cast list to see what part I got.

I didn’t get the Herdsman :frowning:

That was actually really disappointing. I know that I was trying to be realistic about the whole thing; getting any part would be awesome considering that I’m not even a Theater Major and this was the first time I even auditioned for a play. But at the same time I had been hoping that the Director would cast me as the Herdsman, because it definitely seemed more important than just a ‘bit’ part, yet not so weighty as some of the leading roles in the play. Even the Messenger would have been fun to do, because he gets a similar bit (pretty much he describes a bunch of events in a storytelling fashion). I wound up being cast as Guard #2. :stuck_out_tongue:

A classmate of mine in Theater History, who really helped my self-esteem by being positive about how I did in the audition, also did not get the part she wanted. She was hoping to be Agaue, and wound up getting cast as Autonoue. This, too, was rather surprising, because I thought she would definitely get it. The woman that did get the part gave porno-quality dialogue and inflection (take that as you will :stuck_out_tongue: ). I understand that the Director has a particular vision about how the characters should look, move and sound. Arguments like “He was better/she was worse”, so-and-so deserves this part, or “I tried harder than anyone else” don’t really matter when it is the Director’s final say that determines who gets to play what. Thus, while I am disappointed I didn’t get to be the Herdsman, I am still elated that I get to be in the play, get to rehearse with everybody and get to party with the rest of the cast…and I sure look forward to partying with the Bacchants (chorus girls)! :wink:

The other Guard is played by a very talented and very funny guy in the Theater Department. He played a dog in ‘As you like it’, and its hard not to like the performance of someone whose part in the Shakespearean play involved running around on all fours and shouting, “woof! woof!” :stuck_out_tongue: I suppose going from playing a dog to playing a guard is sort of a step up for him, so I shouldn’t be ungrateful. I just hope the guy doesn’t make me laugh because he’s just so damn funny! As you can see, the casting seemed kind of wierd, but I’m not complaining either! In fact, the translation of “The Bacchae” that I have doesn’t even have Autonoue or a second Guard in the cast, so if the Director was going by the same translation I was, neither my classmate nor I would have gotten cast. :eek:


Woo hoo! Congratulations, it’s such a fun play! :smiley:

Well done. Perhaps the start of a career as a thespian?


We expect regular reports including descriptions of the Bacchae writhing in Dionysian ecstasy. Major points will be given for pictures.

And most of all, enjoy!

Woohoo! Congratulations and enjoy yourself!

Yay!!! Congrats. Hope you have a great time.

Yeah, quite honestly, one of the strong motivating factors I had in giving a good audition was this very reason.

I get to see the 10 girls (many of which are quite hot) who compose the Bacchae rehearse every day, to make sure they are dancing ‘orgiastically’ enough :stuck_out_tongue: During auditions they had the women dance to actual Greek music (kind of sounded like belly dancing music) which was pretty neat.

My gosh, considering what this play is about, and the characters (and actors playing them), I can’t wait to see what the cast party is like! :eek:

YAY!!! (I actually have been thinking about this all weekend!)

OK, now you are in a very unique position, being new to college theater. Take some tips from an old pro:

The crew are your gods. Your benovolent worshipfullnesses whom you will buy beer for (assuming they’re of legal drinking age) whenever possible. They are the ones who will pull your ass out of the fire when the production is two days away and your director’s busy shagging the lead and ignoring the rest of you. This goes doupleplus for the Wardrobe Mistress and the Stage Manager. (Plus crew parties are 76% more fun than cast parties.)

Never, ever, not even once, are you to fail to return your prop(s) to their table IMMEDIATELY after walking off-stage. Do not go for a drink of water, do not smooch the third chorus girl, do not pass go. Put the props back on the table. If you forget, the prop guy will hate you and give you the shity suitcase that falls open during Act II of some play you’re in three years from now. They have memories like elephants, those prop guys.

Bring safety pins. Always. No one ever has enough safety pins.

Hang up your costume. On hangers. That’s what they’re there for.

The director will want you to do some weird, stupid, senseless shit. Do it. Much of the time, it’s not as stupid as you think it is. Even when it *is *as stupid as you think it is, you all want to be doing the same stupid thing, because then it doesn’t look stupid, it looks like “art.”

Don’t, for the love of Og, fall in love with anyone in the production. Theater majors are all barking mad. Every single one. Some of them just hide it better than others. They are, after all, actors. When cast relationships fail, as they inevitably do one week before production, everyone gets weird. Even those people you thought didn’t know about it. If you must, go for the girl playing Curley’s Wife, but be aware that all two dozen men from that show are going to be pursuing her as well.

You’ll ignore that last one, by the way. We all do. But at least when you do and your heart is bleeding while you’re Pitting her, I’ll get to sing a round of “I Told You So.”


Yay! I was wondering what had happened.
I’d say have fun, but with the Bacchants, I don’t think I should encourage you. :wink:

oh, I mean,