I got vaccinated with the Sputnik V and so far everything is фниз!

So I just got the russian vaccine.
I’ll let you know if I get a sudden urge to seize the means of production.

In Soviet Russia you don’t get vaccination, vaccination hunts you down!

Is the vaccination spot on your arm a little…red?


Nice, but not quite the right pattern and prosidy for the Russian Reversal meme. More correctly:

In America, you get vaccine. In Soviet Russia, vaccine gets you. :wink:

что значит “фниз”?

Didn’t we read reports of Russian Export Vaccine being distilled water, in some cases?

Faux Russian for “Fine” :stuck_out_tongue:

I think those reports were mistaken, but I’m not completely sure, also there are some reports that the second dose may contain insuficiently sterilized adenoviruses, which may be more reliable :open_mouth:
Argentina’s equivalent of the FDA approved it and they are generally reliable, so I’m trusting them on this issue. I’ll let you know if I turn into a fly or get superpowers. (or if it just doesn’t work :frowning: )

Try “horrorshow”. It worked in Clockwork Orange.

I will if it pleases my droogs!

you ninja’d me to it! Everybody knows Russians are always saying stuff like “хорошо” and " ладно"

I viddy what you did there! Smecking!

People know they got the real Sputnik V vaccine when they wake up one morning with the inexplicable urge to invade Ukraine.

That would explain why I’ve been looking at discount T-34s in Amazon.

Вперед! За Мать Россию!

Wait, there are discount T-34s on Amazon?!? One of those babies would make traffic on my commute so much easier to deal with…

Only applies if you were vaccinated with Sputnik V, for some reason…

Well dammit! I guess I’ll just have to make do with my 5G microchip, but really how many subscriptions to Office 365 does any one person need?

Yeah, you got lucky mine has all the configuration options in cyrillic, what the heck is “Майкрософт Виндоус” ?