I got wings today

My bridesmaids and I went to the costume shop today to look for their wedding outfits. I had no intentions of buying anything because I already have my wedding dress.

Recently the idea of adding fairy wings to my costume had entered my mind but I was unsure of where to find black wings. As I was walking into Stages (shameless promotion :smiley: ) I noticed that their window display was of beautiful fairy costumes complete with lovely gauzy wings. Alas, none of the wings were black so we procceeded to browse, try on different ensembles and generally have a great time.

When we were getting ready to leave I looked at the wall behind the register and what caught my eye? BLACK WINGS…HOORAY!

They are a sheer black material stretched over a wire frame, painted with a delicate silver design, edged in black feathers and they are draped with shredded tulle that hangs to the floor. The woman working in Stages told me that these wings were made for an angel of death costume so I told her they would be perfect. I handed over my twenty bucks and now I have lovely wings just waiting for September 24th.

Sounds like an interesting wedding!

Ah, wings. I recall a lady-friend of mine (who was quite psychotic and fantastically cute, never a good combo) once wore butterfly wings to college (which was half-normal for us).

One of my professors, who didn’t know her, apparently saw her while sipping a cuppa in the cofee shop. Later on, he saw her again (the wings being a dead givaway) and came over. He mentioned that he’d asked around if anyone had seena girl with wings, and the look on his esteemed professional collegue’s faces was priceless. He was happy to knw he wasn’t insane, though. :smiley:

So…uh…what is the theme for this wedding??

It is going to be a costume/ masquerade wedding.

Cool. I have wings that I’ve never worn, because I was too sick on Halloween to go to the costume party. I’m wearing them this year, by Og.

So did I-- I drank a Red Bull

Sweet! I’m just finishing up the baby’s first pair of fairy wings - purple, with lots of fairy dust (the really tiny micro-glitter) all over them. They’re so tiny and cute! And a lot harder to make than I was expecting - I now understand why people charge so much for the hand made ones!