I got your 1920's style "Death Ray" right here ...

Hi-tech, non-lethal weapons:

No, here–


Order online here.

Sure, it’s an impressive looking model, but field tests by Consumer Reports show that that particular model really sucks.

Sorry, I had to do it.

Bosda - Bwahahaha! - That is the funniest picture I have seen in a long time!

NoClue Boy, did you make that? I know it’s GOTTA be a doper’s site.

Funniest! Cliche! EVER!

I want the t-shirt!

The creator of that site is buried somewhere around post 700 or so of the Scalar Weapons thread. I’m hoping the t-shirts are for real, too.

Will the real Death Ray dot com maker please stand up?

He’s sitting over there, on that bench, right next to the Real Slim Shady. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Is that a vaccuum cleaner in there? I always knew there was something scary hiding deep within the soul of my Hoover, waiting for the right person to bring it out.

It is interesting that the “death-ray” website mentions the 1890’s styles. After copious Internet sleuthing, I was able to discover a webpage which states that 1890’s death ray research was conducted by none other than Pierre and Marie Curie!!!
You don’t believe me? Try this link:


Umm, isn’t a 1920’s style “Death Ray” supposed to cause * death * in those it is used on? I doubt that a non-lethal weapon would fit the bill.:dubious: