I gotta stop watching Animal Planet

I would pit this but I’m more saddened than angry.

I gotta stop watching Animal Planet. When I see the cruelty that some subhuman idiot inflicts on an animal it makes me really upset. I don’t understand how sme people could purposely hurt a dog or cat in the ways that people do. Right now they’re showing illegal dog fighting dogs being saved on Animal Cops. Its sickening. God, they had to euthanize all of the animals they picked up. Too bad they can’t do that to the owners. If the Punisher were real he should probably go after these guys.

I don’t undertand how anyone could be such a scumbag. But then I don’t understand it when they show pet owners that are oblivious to their dog or cat’s suffering. What the hell is wrong with these people?

It depresses me.

I know the feeling, yet it’s so hard not to watch. I tend to cuddle my shelter kitty and tell her how awesome she is and cry.

I can understand being an a position where you can’t care for an animal. I gave up a cat once; he went to a lovely rescue. I moved and couldn’t keep him with me. What I can’t understand is how anybody can treat animals as badly as some do on those shows. I simply can’t comprehend it.