What The Fuck Is Wrong With People?!

i was just watching the show animal precinct on animal planet. and some sick fucked up freak thought a good way to punish his cat for scratching him was to hold its face over a light flame on a stove… and this other dumb ass thought since he didn’t want some puppies that were just born he would put them in a sack and throw them in a dumpster. what the fuck is wrong with people. cruelty to animals is one of the lowest things anybody can do.:mad:

i would like to know your opinion on this.

What do you expect? Someone is going to post “Mmmmm, I love the smell of roasting kitties in the morning”?

Mean people suck.

Mmmmm, I love the smell of roasting kitties in the morning!


I can’t even bear to watch those type of shows. It’s on par with Jerry Springer IMO…earning revenue displaying the lowest life forms.

I think that people who are cruel to animals have gliches in their brains. How can they differentiate between the pain that human beings experience and the pain that animals experience? It is all agony.

Kitties for breakfast???


Much better after the kittens have cooled.

Little mayo, some tomato, rye bread. Nothing better than a KLT, when the kitten is nice and lean…

Yeah, I saw ads for that show–Animal Cops or Precinct, and made the decision to not watch it. I can’t imagine how it would help me to see animals being tortured and abused. (Not saying you were happy it was on, or anything kpl.)

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They don’t eat enough kale.
A shortage of kale in your diet leads to madness, animal cruelty, genital stringwarts, and the Red Menace of Communism.


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Hee, hee! Kale!

He was a kale and hearty lad . . .

I wonder about the long term viability of this show as well because no one wants to see puppies shaking in a corner. The show should only focus on cats.

Yesterday there was a clip of some insane woman sending her pitbull after the ASPCA officer that came to check up on her. The dog went apeshit on her hand and it was one of the most disturbing videoclips I’ve ever seen on TV. The dog was tearing into her hand and just wouldn’t let go. Finally a neighbor came by and whacked the dog on the head with a two by four and the officer went running off looking directly in the camera with a “how can you film this and not have helped me” look. She needed fifty something stitches. Awful.

If that’s the same clip I saw about a year ago, that wasn’t your ordiary sick fucked-up freak. The dude’s an animal trainer! How the fuck could an animal trainer not realize that this is not a good way to punish an animal?