I guess I'm gonna be a cocktail guy for a while.

I’m really not a cocktail guy. I keep some hard booze* around for guests, but obviously those are rare these days, and a bottle or two backup or to grab on the way out the door if a friend says they could use some reinforcement for their party.

I am pretty much dry on my favored tipple, and was about to begin the restock. However During some search and destroy in the cubboards looking for goddamn flour moth spawn locations, I found/ remembered I have unopened bottles of Bacardi, Smirnoff, and Lunazul Blanco. I decided I should save a bit of cash and booze up with what I already got for now. So on the latest grocery trip I snagged some 5 dollar Triple sec and Ms T’s Marg mix. Forgot to get limes though :smack:

Margs, Long Island(-ish)s and Cuba Libres for me for a bit it seems. :cool:

Oops forgot my main question. I seem to have a surprising quantity of Vernors as well. Anybody got any good slummin’ cocktails consisting mostly of Ginger Ale and the aforementioned reagents?

I would think it’d go well with lime and any rum. I’ve done Vernor’s and bourbon, kind of a (I’m naming it right here now!) Michigan Mule Kick… And it does have a kick; Vernor’s is sharper (and… woodsier? rootier?) than a ginger ale. You might want to cut it with some soda.
I went to school in Michigan, where Vernor’s was so popular that people would use it as a generic: “Hey, wanna hit [café], grab a Vernor’s and crank out that lab report?”

oops, dupes.

boop muh snoop.

Personally, I’d sip the tequila with ginger ale on the side. If you really want to mix, I’d drink the Smirnoff with ginger ale and ice.

I love beer, but I prefer craft beers that are expensive and a bit hard to get right now. Sooo I’ve been drinking beer with vodka as a chaser.

Um…first things first. Buy decent margarita mix or just make them from scratch. The stuff you bought is vile. Buy lots of limes and you can turn the rum and tequila into wonderful things.

Vernor’s and vodka makes a fine drink.

^^ This.

Fresh Lime juice + rum + a little sugar syrup (mix together a cup of sugar and a cup of water in a jar, shake, let sit for 20 min or so until the sugar is dissolved) = a daiquiri. Fresh lime juice + tequila + a little sugar syrup + triple sec = a margarita, no mix needed.

Unfortunately, as I said, I forgot the limes. The only one I have is left has been pre-appropriated toward a Thai curry, and I don’t plan on making another grocery trip till at least Tuesday.

Then you are stuck with Vernor’s and vodka until then, because there is absofuckinglutely no reason in the Universe to drink that margarita mix. In anything.

A Dark and Stormy is three parts ginger beer (but I guess you can substitute ginger ale) and two parts rum (traditionally dark rum). A lot of people add a slice of lime but it’s optional.

So you would be making a Light & Slightly Gusty instead. Still tasty though.

Well I’ve only the margs with the Ms T’s now, there is no other option.

The Vernors and even the Coke I have, have some how gone flat and stale in sealed bottles. How is that even fucking possible? they are probably 3 years old, but still sealed ffs.

Warm up the Vernors, add to dark rum and add a dash of butter,brown sugar cinnamon, and nutmeg. Hey presto, Vernor’s rum toddies. Suitable for cool evenings and campfires.

Not really giving us much to work with here. Do you have any loose tea or teabags? Coffee? Hot cocoa powder? Fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that could be muddled/infused/made into a flavored syrup?

Right now I’m sucking on a Sojay Haze medical-marijauana-can-you-believe-thi-shit-is-legal vape pen and drinking vodka on the rocks. I’m glad ice hasn’t become a problem. Imagine ice shortages!!! Warm cocktails. Tepid punch.


Damn, that sounds like comfort food. Dr. Pepper had a campaign back in the early 70s where they got ski lodges to serve hot Dr. Pepper poured over a slice of lemon in a big ceramic mug. We’d add some Southern comfort (because we were in high school and thought that was cool). But I liked it better without, and never minded wiping out and recovering… in the chalet, by a fire, with a cute girlfriend and hot soda pop.

It got chilly after dark on the porch last night, and a Vernor’s rum toddy would’ve been just the thing.

In these difficult times, we must make do.

Just last week, I bought a bag of store-brand chips.

In these difficult times, we must make do.

Just last week, I bought a bag of store-brand chips.

Made it to the store, got some limes, and some agave nectar, and prepared to make a margarita the way I recall doing it 10 years ago.

I am now drinking a shockingly bad glass that consists of the stuff that goes in a margarita, in something close to the correct proportions, but in no way tastes like one. :frowning:

I also watched my little box of blueberries fall to the ground and open up, dumping every sweet bulbous blue pearl into the nasty mud, so a bad adventure in several ways.