I guess pro journalists suck at spellchecker too.

Look out he’s got a organic chemical process!

It kind of amuses me when professionals end up with absurd substitutions to obscure words. Makes me feel a bit less jackassy about mine.

There’s a lot more wrong with that quote than just a spelling error. Reading that was painful.

But in this age of insta-news, “better to be first than to be right” seems to be the new mindset.

It could be worse.

Yes, if George W. Bush were heavily armed in a car in Manhattan, I’d think twice about threatening him, no matter how much ammonization i had on me.

I think newspapers (and even more so online news sources) consider copy editors are a luxury.

(BTW, I was always amused to see in the movie Never Been Kissed that Drew Barrymore’s character, a copy editor for the Chicago Sun-Times, has a private office with a window and a nice view and a personal assistant.)

And the article itself could use some proofreading.

Spell checker, fact checker, who has time these days!

Bolding mine - That’s really funny.

For the record, the OP’s title is missing a comma. Just sayin’. :smiley:

Never mind.

and it should either be …spellchecking… or …using a spellchecker…

“He’s my father!” WHAP “He’s my son!” WHAP “He’s my father and my son!”

Nevermind, it’s just Texas.

:smiley: (of course, for those following at home: one of George W’s twins IS named Barbara)

Well, I would indeed bide the Year Of The Whores a VERY hearty welcome!

I’m still giggling at the moment of violence.

Wait, what? “Fixated on Barbara Bush?!” <shudder> Now I’ve heard everything.

Until the next thing, should be along in <looks at watch> five minutes or so.

This recent article discussing the Shepard tone/scale spells it “Shepherd” 7 times. http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/01/the-illusion-that-makes-it-sound-like-a-pitch-is-constantly-rising/283417/

A lot of major news sites don’t even bother to run spellcheckers. I saw one major site yesterday had “January” misspelled.

If they can’t even be bothered to run a spellchecker on an article, can you trust the actual content at all?

Not a luxury. A commodity. The once-great Hartford Courant **has **copyeditors… in Chicago. They’re okay at all that Englishing stuff, but they don’t know streets from towns from parks from public figures, so absurdities abound.

A friend of mine once had a neighbor who was a Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service. This was years before 9/11. He wasn’t on the Presidential Productive Detail. One day he showed us what was in the trunk of his company car.


One does not want to fuck with the USSS.

From today’s Christian Science Monitor. When what used to be one of the finest news sources in the country can’t get a headline right…

“Drought-Striken California Welcomes Weekend Storm”