I guess we're buying a house

Our offer got accepted. I think I was expecting to be either depressed or elated, and I’m not either one. It’s too much money, and I’m worried about that. I don’t like thinking that we’ve wiped out basically all of our cash to do this. I also think the market is bound to go down short term, which I’m sure will depress me when it happens. Also, it’s not in the bestest most completely awesome school district. And it doesn’t feed into the bestest most awesome high school, which I find kind of nerve-racking. Not that this is going to be a problem for fourteen years or so, and who knows what will happen in that time period. And I am going to have to change churches from the church ward I absolutely adore, which really bothers me. And it’s farther from work than our apartment is right now, not by much, but we can walk to work right now, which is great. And it’s got lovely light colored carpet which is just crying out to be vomited on by an infant. I guess we could always replace it later on. And the kitchen is really not big enough.

It’s a beautiful house, though. A little bigger than we had planned for, which will give us room to put all our bookshelves up. And we will be able to have my mom stay with us if she wants. And the elementary school is just down the street. And there is a park at the other end of the street. And it has a laundry room, which makes me so happy I can’t even tell you. (Many of the houses around here have the laundry in the garage, which is still better than our current apartment lifestyle but not as awesome as having an actual laundry room.)

It was a surprisingly fast process. We saw the property for the first time yesterday! Properties around here at this price point have been going pretty fast, so this isn’t actually all that weird, but I still feel a little bit like we got talked into something. Maybe we should have offered less?

Now that it’s (almost) too late for me to do anything about it… do you/did you have housing buyers remorse? About what?

Congrats! Don’t worry. Those are all perfectly normal reactions. I went through many of the same thoughts with both houses I’ve purchased.

It’ll all be fine.


I had the same kind of reaction after buying a house as you had. Moreover, prices dropped almost immediately in the months following our purchase. In the long run, it was a good move, as the house is worth 9 times more than when we bought it.

You’ll have equity in the house before very long instead of throwing the money on rent.

May your house become a home filled with love and laughter!

Out of curiosity, why do you have to change churches?

Don’t sound so excited, geez. Remember if this is your first house you do get the $8000 tax credit.

I did have some buyers remorse with my house. My payments are just a little too high than what I am comfortable with but I can manage it. The good news is house prices are low right now, and I bought mine as a short sale, so the cost was even less. I’m going to hold onto it for awhile then sell when the market picks back up.

Thanks Taters and MoodIndigo1! I do feel a lot better today now that the immediate shock is over :slight_smile: I looked some more at school stuff online and it looks like the differences between the schools are really not super-great (though I think they do get magnified in the house prices!), and I’m starting to get more excited about having our own house, yay! And my husband, who rocks, put together a little floor plan and we started looking at where to put furniture, which has gotten me kind of psyched.

sugar and spice, I attend a Mormon church, and the way that they work is that there are specific geographical boundaries that dictate which ward (congregation) you attend. It actually is something I think is a good idea, because a) everyone in your ward lives nearby, which logistically is nice, and b) it prevents somewhat the formation of weird cliques. (I was shocked when my husband, who isn’t Mormon, informed me that at most churches you can attend whatever congregation/church you want!) It’s just that my ward has been so wonderful that I am filled with trepidation about leaving it… but the new ward might be just as nice.

EvilTOJ, unfortunately we are not eligible for the tax credit. But I am more excited anyway :slight_smile:


You will see the good and bad. But there is nothing like the feeling when you come home to your home.