I had a BIG stack of e-mails ... it was SOBIG, in fact, it was SOBIG.F!

Got to work today and discovered I had 2,400 e-mails in my in box. I got a job at a newspaper (which, incidentally, enabled me to give up the life of a telemarketer – yay for me!) and they put me in charge of the letters. And thanks to the Sobig.F worm, I had tons of e-mails regarding “wicked screensaver” and “that movie” and such to plow through coming back from my weekend. My mail program was frozen for about 10 minutes after I called it up.

Anyone else having big, big Sobig.F fun?

Not me, personally, but people I know who’ve come to work, opened up their email accounts, and freaked.

Then freaked even more when I told them why, and what caused it.

It’s been a day of teaching folk how to do mass-deleting.

On Thursday, 5 of 8 morning e-mails had a virus attached.

Today: 25 of 29.

I’m considering closing my mail e-mail account and altering my e-mail address on all of the web pages that I run.

Better still, use a bit of JavaScript to put the mailto link on the page, but not readable by the spambots. I use the following (put in your own details and remove square brackets):

<SCRIPT>var address = '[email account name]'; document.write('<A HREF="mail' + 'to:' + address + '&#64;' + '[email domain name]' + '">' + '[your real name]' + '</A>');</script>


<SCRIPT>var address = 'john.doe'; document.write('<A HREF="mail' + 'to:' + address + '&#64;' + 'whatever.com' + '">' + 'John Doe' + '</A>');</script>

Today was very exciting. I had to repair a flaw in my anti-Sobig defenses. Even though it was just Microsoft Outlook, I felt like a SECRET AGENT doing battle with the forces of world domination!

To be honest I don’t really know. I’m getting alot of what looks like spam recently, but I have for quite a hile, and nothing seems overtly virusy. It just all goes straight to delete without reading, so I can’t tell if it’s anything nastier than ordinary spam…

This is all why I’m glad I still have windows 98.

Well, kitarak, are you getting lots of messages with subject lines like these?

Re: Wicked screensaver
Re: That Movie
Re: Your details
Re: My details
Re: Your application
Re: Thank you!

Those are Sobig.F hallmarks.

I get a lot of spam anyways, but lately I’ve noticed emails with the very subject lines that Snooooopy describes. Not a whole lot of them, but they’re invading my inbox nonetheless.

Fortunately, I only open the emails that I want to read… which means that all my spam goes straight to the trash can.


My main account never gets spam, so imagine my surprise to have recieved in excess of 1400 SoBig e-mails! Not quite up to Snooooopy’s level, but pretty respectable none-the-less!

Our contract IT services provider has a lot to answer for, including leaving us wide-open to the Blaster worm, too.

I have 6 separate email accounts that I have to check at work.

We have about 100,000 customers.

I had 11,986 emails in my mailbox the day the virus hit last week.

I spent all day downloading and deleting.

Jeez, I feel pretty puny by comparison with Snooooopy and Tranq and especially Rasa.

Last Tuesday, a mere 178 SOBIG.F emails, with the characteristic titles that Snooooopy described, found their way to my Yahoo! mail free account. The LAN staff at work had already warned us well, so I knew what I was looking at, the moment I saw it. Deleted pages of emails without opening.

Whoa! Rasa wins the kewpie doll!