I had a pretty good day

I was all flustered this morning. I had hit the snooze button two times more than I should and was still groggy shaving and showering. I got into work a bit late, fully expecting the boss to frown at me.

/GameHat enters the labs

“Huh, it’s dark. Like really dark. And quiet.”

There’s a cluster of co-workers (and my boss, and his boss) clustered around my cube. I approach them and boss says, “Heh, I see you got my message.”

Huh? (Of course I don’t say that, but, I make a non-committal nod)

“Yeah, the power has been out since last night. Still out today.”

We all stand around chatting about baseball (I mostly just listened) and Star Wars (boss’s kid is five, just saw the original trilogy for the first time).

After about an hour, boss says: “This is boring. You guys want to go to the mall for a bit? Just to walk?”


Me, my boss and a co-worker cruised the mall like senior gangsters for a couple of hours, then headed back to work around lunchtime. The power was still off.

Boss: “Hmmm…this day is shot. You guys want to hit the bar?”


We spent the entire afternoon at a really lovely local pub. Boss bought all drinks. We drank, we laughed, we watched some really shitty mid-week daytime ESPN. A good time had by all.

I really needed this day off. Once in a while, you get a lucky break. :smiley:

Hey, good for you, sounds like a great boss to work for.