I had my first hot flash today

Looking back, it was all kinda cool, but it was freaky at the time.

Went to an ENT because I have some node or gland or whatever in my neck that has been sore for two months. The ENT wanted to rule out cancer (yes…let’s rule that out) by looking down my throat with a scope.

I thought, “Hm…that could be unpleasant going down my throat.” As the thread title suggests, the scope went up my nose first.

First she sprayed some sort of numbing agent in each nostril, which worked its way up and down. That had an ick factor. Then she tried shoving the scope up my nostrils. She said I had a really badly deviated septum.

“Do you have trouble breathing through your nose?”

“No. I don’t breathe through my nose.”

Especially at night. My dentist for years has noticed that my gums have been receding…because I breathe through my mouth at night. Sucks…I wake up every morning miserable because of it. But no one told me that wasn’t normal. It’s been this way my whole life (I’m in my 30s).

So. I’m waiting for the MRI results to find out what’s wrong in my neck, but in the meantime I have to think about surgery to fix the deviated septum. A search on the Dope showed a handful of people have posted about it…with mixed results. I kinda figure I have nothing to lose…being a mouth breather sucks.

Oh, the hot flash. For the MRI I was injected with iodine. The hot flash started with my upper body, then went down into my extremities. THAT was weird.

Oh, a chemically induced hot flash! Just wait till you have to deal with the normal hormonal ones.

Good luck on your test – hope it’s good news!

I had an artificial menopause for a couple of months prior to surgery to remove uterine fibroids and experienced hot flushes (which is what we Brits call them) and they were not as intense as what some people describe, but it certainly was a strange experience - every single time I would start thinking “why am I feeling like this - oh, right, it’s a hot flush”.

On a completely separate occasion I also had to have an MRI scan (for something very similar to what you describe) and had a strange reaction to the iodine, and the doctors said I might be allergic. As well as the physical reaction, which I remember as itchy rather than hot-flushy, I also wept copiously - completely out of character. The male doctor was very sweet, while the Hattie Jacques-like female nurse told me not to be such a crybaby and pull myself together.

My neck lump turned out to be nothing - hope yours goes the same way!

Do guys get those? :wink:

I’m so glad to hear I’m not going crazy. I went into this thread going, “Wait, Runs with Scissors is a woman of menopausal age? But I thought . . . well, I’d guess she’d know better than me.”

Yes, Runs with Scissors is a guy. I could tell through the Internet.

D’oh! Sorry, RwS! :smack:

just think of them as your very own personal summers. :rolleyes: