I had no idea that Dick Cheney was such lowlife scum...

I am apparently way behind on my education about our new Republican leaders. I knew they were assholes, but I continue to be amazed (if unsurprised) by what BIG assholes they are:


Basically, Cheney voted AGAINST freeing Nelson Mandela. Why? Money, pretty much. And he was not alone.

Yeah, them Republicans…all heart, they are.

Old news.

What’s next, a pit thread outraged at Bushs use of cocaine?

(which rhymes with crudites, just because it gives me something to laugh at through my tears) US News and World Report quotes Terry Anderson of the Political Economy Research Center (whatever the hell that is) as saying the following about my * favorite * Bush cabinet nominee, Gale Norton: “Gale is an environmentalist. She cares about the resources that will be under her watch.”

Extremely TELLING use of language, don’t you think?
** Resources **

  1. Something that can be used for support or help: The local library is a valuable resource.
  2. Often resources. An available supply that can be drawn on when needed.
  3. a. resources. The total means available for ** economic ** and ** political ** development, such as mineral wealth, labor force, and armaments.
    b. resources. The total means available to a company for increasing ** production or profit ** , including plant, labor, and raw material; assets.
    c. Such means considered individually.

**Environmentalist: **

  1. Advocacy for or work toward protecting the** natural environment ** from destruction or pollution.


** Oldscratch ** you’re right…I admitted in the OP that I was way behind in my awareness of this. But I can’t be the only one. And I still get to bitch about it. Bitch bitch bitch.

while we’re on the topic of bitching bout bush (I sense a new forum), I’d like to give him kudos for considering removing sanctions.

Millions of people around the world have died because of US sanctions. This is something that Gore would have never considered. You gotta give credit where credit is due.

I would think that someone whose concern is the economy would say resources. She didn’t say I will protect my resources. Though, we should actually protect resources and not the enviroment:)

Is that so.