I had no idea Victoria Jackson was such a nut.

Just happened to catch an interview on Headline News with Victoria Jackson denouncing Glee for portraying gay teens in a positive light. The poor woman interviewing her was trying so hard to keep the interview focused on the subject of Glee, but Victoria just kept going off about Leviticus and yadda yadda yadda.

I’m not a big fan of hers or anything, but I guess it always takes me by surprise when a public figure reveals this level of crazytude. How can somebody be this much of a well, bigot, and still get along in Hollywood of all places?

Then again, I haven’t really seen her in much lately. Is this why?


yeah celebrities aren’t allowed to have unpopular opinions

She has a regular column in World Nut. . . I mean World News Daily. She is battier that Bela Lugosi’s belfry.

Shocked, shocked I am, that “Glee” might be just a tiny bit gay.

However, Victoria Jackson being a right wing nut is old news.

She’s always been religiously fundamental and conservative, so I doubt that’s why you haven’t seen her lately; she was just as hard core a Christian conservative when she was on SNL. I suspect the reason you haven’t seen a lot of her lately is that she doesn’t really have any cvomedic range beyond the airhead thing, and her looks deserted her. One must also consider the possibility that she decided to spend more time counting her money.

In the beginning of the clip Anderson says there’s a raging debate over the kiss.

I wouldn’t call one nutbag’s opinion a raging debate. I haven’t heard anyone else say anything about this.

Oh, hell’s bells, that woman has been a supreme nutter publicly for a couple of years now! If you’re one of the guests on Fox News and the other right-winger guest looks at you gobsmacked and says: “What???…” like you’ve lost your mind, then you can be sure you’re waaaaaaay out in righty wingnut land.

My favorite quote of hers:

“I never paid much attention to Politics because it’s just nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah,…”

Victoria’s latest column: The Muslims Next Door
She starts out saying she’s afraid to say anything about Muslims because they kill people and then spends the rest of her “article” saying awful things about them. Nobody’s killed her yet, though.

A couple of money quotes:

She’s batshit, people.

I had no idea this lady even existed until today.


Jackson’s also a birther. In fact she’s such an extreme birther that she’s said that even if Obama was born in America he still shouldn’t be considered an American citizen. Because he and both of his parents are Communists.

She was best known from 1986-1992 as a cast member of Saturday Night Live. If you didn’t watch SNL, you probably didn’t know her, although she also appeared in Casual Sex? and briefly dated Weird Al Yankovic (and acted in his move UHF.)

Was Saturday Night Live even any good from 1986 to 1992?

I think calling her a celebrity is overstating the case.

She uses Communist and Nazi interchangably. I really and truly don’t think she knows there is a difference.

I saw her on Bill Maher years ago and it had to be pointed out to her that the Gospels were not “hot off the presses” the day after the Resurrection- she honestly had no clue that they didn’t date to 33 A.D. or whatever.

I love when she said she has no ambition to be a success anymore because if she is Obama will just take everything away from her. Apparently she saw Obama coming from as far back as 1992 and decided to go ahead and put her career in low drive then. Celebrity Fit Camp is her biggest thing since SNL and she spent the entire time bitching about how mean her father was, but then she gives “Get over it” rants in her columns to people who had far worse childhoods. Total nutter and airhead and I’ve no idea how even the Tea Party took her in.

The cast during that period included Mike Myers, Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. So yes, it was pretty good then.

Those were some of its most brilliant years. They produced some fantastic comedy.

She also has that “Poor Persecuted Christians” thing down to a T.

If you’re offended by gays then WTF were you doing watching GLEE which has had a gay kid as a main character since the first 10 minutes of the first episode? And are you aware that there are dozens of other channels on basic cable alone and that nobody forces you to watch a single damned one of them? And why do she and so many other homophobes always use the “shoving it down our throat” imagery about gay TV without any sense of irony? (Baby, Kurt and Blaine ain’t gonna do that on TV til Nationals.)

I don’t know why such a non-entity gets me worked up but she does. What I woudl LOVE would be for Ryan Murphy (the Christoph of GLEE) to call her up and offer her a guest role as a lesbian janitor with a crack problem; my guess is that she’d be on the next plane to Hollywood and she’d somehow justify it as righteous.

The Church Lady. (Jackson must have loooooooved that skit.)

I thought her comments sounded more bigoted than unpopular. (I was also not aware that she is/was a celebrity.)

Oh wait. I thought the subject was Victoria Principal. Or Kate Jackson. Never mind.

Anyone is “allowed” to have any opinion they want.

And we are allowed to mock them for those opinions if we feel the opinions are based on bigotry, racism, stupidity, or batshit.

Thinking about it this way may make you feel better: this non-entity, this total has-been, is apparently the most famous person who’s gone on record as objecting to two gay teenagers kissing on primetime network television.