Some celebrity is revealed to be an asshole. Who surprises/saddens you most?

Which celebrity, if they had some public scandal in which it was clearly revealed that they were a complete and total asshole/douchebag (something worse than just cheating on a spouse), would cause you the greatest combination of surprise, disappointment, betrayal, or disillusionment?
For me it’s Jon Stewart, by far. I have such respect for him, and so much of it is based on the idea that he’s truly a decent person. I really feel like I know the real him, not just a persona he plays on TV. It would really crush me if that turned out not to be true.

Mark Harmon. He seems to be such a solid dude, married for 25 years, father, philanthropist, totally “aw shucks” and down to earth. He and his wife (Pam Dawber) saved a couple of kids’ lives when the kids’ car crashed outside their house, Harmon used an axe to get the kids loose before the car went up in flames, and when people talk about that now he gets all blushed and just says it’s what anybody would do. (I doubt that.)

If I found out he was a creeper or a cheater or a sleazebucket, I’d be really kinda heartbroken.

Ellen DeGeneres. I can’t imagine her doing something awful, and I would be devastated to learn the details if she did.

Jennifer Connelly. Because I’m pretty sure I’d still be attracted to her anyway and that would make me realize how shallow I am.

I think Bill Gates, or some other committed charitable giver.

I’ve been fairly disillusioned with Jon Stewart for a while, especially after his response to the (completely justified) criticism of the lack of women correspondents on the Daily Show.

What did he do that you found so offensive? His female colleagues seem more than happy with him:

Michael Palin. He seems like pretty much the nicest man on the planet.

Neil Gaiman. I’ve been a fan of him for so long, and he’s put (what seems to be) so many bits and pieces of himself in his works, I’d feel betrayed if they were somehow revealed to have been bullshit or hypocrisy all along. Same thing about Pterry Pratchett.

I wouldn’t say I was “offended” (what a peculiar little word that is), just disappointed. The women who work offscreen on the show may be perfectly happy with him, but the significant skew towards men onscreen is one I and my friends who watch it have been noticing for years, and in the episode I saw he dismissed it jokingly along the lines of “hysterical feminists out to get me” rather than admitting it was a problem or indicating the show’s practices would be changing.

His persona is someone who speaks truth to power, but in that context he is the powerful one, and he didn’t use it well.

Well this is a hijack, but let’s face it: there are just fewer women than men in comedy generally. Is it because of closed doors, or is it because fewer women choose that field?

I’m kind of uncomfortable with the idea of being “revealed to be an asshole” like it’s this static thing, but I get you.

I’m going to say Jon Hamm. He seems so cool and laid-back, I don’t want to discover that he doesn’t really have to stretch himself to play Don Draper.

As for the OP, I think I would be shocked and disappointed if I learned that Tina Fey is secretly a jerk. She seems like a genuinely nice person. (If she is in fact a jerk, please don’t tell me. I prefer my pretty delusion.)

On the obverse, I would be disappointed to learn that Jack Nicholson is a really nice, quiet guy and that the public persona is all an act.

It is a hijack, and one I won’t be continuing in this thread.

Bill Gates? Seriously? He is an asshole. Don’t let the charitable giving fool you…

Barack Obama. Even when I disagree with him, he seems a good guy, grounded, thoughtful, loving of his wife and daughters. I’d regret my vote if it turned out he was a raging asshole behind closed doors.

Does the celebrity have to be alive?

If yes, then Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner (aka Sting).

If no, then Paul Newman.

Billy Graham

Wow I misread this at first and had to google to see when Sting died.

For a new name not listed here (although I think Ellen DeGeneres would be my top pick) I would have to say Sandra Bullock. Despite all the turmoil in her life recently she’s been either silent or positive. I have a lot of respect for how she’s dealt with it.

Another vote for Jon Stewart.
And if dead folks count, then Mr. (Fred) Rogers.