Celebrities everyone likes

The death of Yogi Berra got me thinking.

Everyone liked Yogi. There was something about him that made you think he was just a great guy to hang out with, and his public image seems to match what he was like in private.

I’d also nominate Ringo Starr. Again, someone who you just can’t dislike.

Who else has that sort of reputation? People who are well known and also well liked?

Tom Hanks has got to be at the top of that list.

Betty White! We all love her, don’t we?

Woody Harrelson?

Weird Al, Mr. Rogers, and Dolly Parton.

I imagine I’ll be accused of thread, er, pooping, but… wouldn’t many of us have had Bill Cosby or Joe Paterno on our lists not so long ago?

I fully agree that Tom Hanks and Ringo Starr SEEM nice and are widely liked, and they may even DESERVE the love they get.

But how would any of us really know?

What’s not to like about Sandra Bullock?

Among celebs under 50 (much harder), Dave Grohl.

George Clooney

Angela Lansbury often appears at the top of lists like this.

[Ed McMahon]“Weird Al, Mr. Rogers, and Dolly Parton.”[/Ed McMahon]

[Carnac the Magnificent] ::rips open envelope::

Name four big celebrities everyone loves.[/Carnac the Magnificent]

Sorry. Your answer just seemed like it ought to be the setup for something.

I think that was a great answer, Thudlow!

Nope. Don’t care for him.

Sorry. She needs to go away now.

Ugh! Can’t stand him!

For starters, her acting.

Nailed it! :smiley:

Supposedly Bea Arthur wasn’t fond of her.

I’m sure there’s someone out there who dislikes him, but Bill Murray has become almost bizarrely cool and beloved in the last fifteen years.

George Takei.

He and Shatner hate each others’ guts, but he must be one of the openly gay men who is most beloved by the general public.

Henry Winkler

Don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who dislikes:

Doris Roberts
Halle Berry
Shania Twain
Betty White (already mentioned)
Morgan Freeman
Edward Norton

Another male-- part of me wants to say Jake Gyllenhaal*

Jennifer Lawrence can’t seem to do much wrong in the public eye.