I had some crazy hassle registering yesterday...

(Warning long, I was very frustrated when I typed this)

SHort answear: The forum was acting very strangely on me, and even after I FINALLY make an account after an insane amount of hassle, I am unable to post. Could you fix that please?
First off, passing the letter verifacation thing was RIDIULOSLY hard. Most of the time the letters were rammed together and i couldnt make out what they said. Maybe this is some spambot defence but if it makes it super hard for humans to read I think it might be a bit excessive. I tried swtichign to audio and their was SOOOOOO much chatter in their i couldnt make it out at all. Why was the chatter even included? I’ve never even heard of spam bots that can copy and paste audio noises. Your probably throwing away dozens of people every day who just can’t get past this hurdle or give up.
Fortunetly, today the letters were less hard to read, or maybe I was lucky today, or unlucky yeseday.

Finally after I passed that olympic hurdle, my password didn’t work?! I requested another password, copy and pasted it in, carefully checking to make sure i had entered it correctly without any spaces… AND IT WAS REJECTED. REPETIVETLY. What? WHy?

I used up my 5 log in attempts trying ot get in, waited 15 minutes, the nest time the password was FINALLY accepted, even though I didn’t do anything differently this time, I log in, change my password… and now I can’t post at alll? The questions stuff says to contact a board admin, but I cant do that as my accoutn is unable to view peoples profiles INCLUDING MY OWN.

Why is this all so complicated? I find it dizzying, if I hadn’t seen so many great threads and places I wanted to post, i’d have given up at the audio nonsense stage. Are you trying to keep out so incredibly persistant trolls?

Mind I wonder if I made ana ccount long ago and just forgot about it… I only fixed it today by using my work computour to get on, but what was all the aggro about? And how is someone who can’t see the admins prfoilles suppose to contact them? Cecil Adam’s doesn’t work btw…

Such a lot of hassle but I’m glad i’m on now. I hope this doesn’t make a bad first impression

We’re happy to have you. Sorry about the problem.

Yes, some captchas can be hard to read. Older and low-level spam bots can’t read them. Some of the more advanced models can still read them. I didn’t know we had an audio test. Wait until we get the one where we send a light through your web cam and look at your retina. :eek: [sub]just joking–for now)[/sub]

I see that you’ve made up for your difficulties in posting 20 times so far today. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now all you have to do is work on your spelling. :eek:

I think that’s pretty standard on CAPTCHAs these days, to make them accessable for people using screen readers.

If you fixed it by going to another computer, then it’s likely the problem is on your end. You probably got some corrupted cookies or something. Try clearing them out.

Here are instructions for almost every browser. I’m sure yours is in there.