I has a website. (No content yet)


It’s a month free trial. I’m probably going to use it to upload pictures or thumbnails to my pics on photobucket.com

And if I can get started, I’ll use it to upload 3d renderings that I will do.

Your site is quite, uh, minimalistic.


What a let down.

What it lacks in content it makes up for in masses of potential.

Are you taking classes for 3d modelling? I think I remember you mentioning max 9 in another thread. There are some great books out there for learning some basic 3d modelling using max; 3ds max Fundamentals is pretty good, although the latest was for 8, the general techniques should still be the same. Also, check out CG Society for tutorials & forums if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

Check it again in a week. This thread was mainly to announce that I have a site/domain.

In the meantime I uploaded one test image rendering…


I’m not taking classes. I’m learning on my own. I have the huge 3dsmax 9 bible. Also learned bits from websites like the one you linked to. I’ll give it a try it looks excelent.

The problem I am having though is my computer never quite manages to finish rendering a 1920x1200 image (my desktop res). I wonder if there is a way to render two halves and then stitch them together in PS.

Oh and the host doesn’t support asp so I’m going to have to learn something else!


I’m underwhelmed. :wink:

Can a passing Mod add “(No content yet)” to the end of my thread title?

Are you getting an error message on the render or does it just seem to hang up? You can do an animation as a .tga sequence, but there’s no set way to do a still frame in multiple sections, as far as I know. Are you wanting that high of a resolution for personal use, like desktop background? If not, I might stick with 800x600, which is still something of a standard (although 1024x768 is becoming more standard these days, the lower resolution will fit better in a web browser window).

Screw these naysayers! I like it! You don’t need flashiness, or colors…or content anyway!
What do these people want, ferchrissakes? Something likethis?

I’ve seen worse.

(www.theinternetisseriousbusiness.com) DO NOT CLICK!!!
p.S. i’D upload a nicer picture like this one but I’m afraid that might violate the TOS of my host.

It’s for my desktop. My intention is to put works in progress there to remind me to continue the hobby.

I get an error message about inability to allocate a number of bytes of memory… basically it seems to run out of memory about two thirds of the way through the render. My computer has 2gb. and around 20gb free hd space for the swapfile to grow into. (

This is the error I get…


Ah, I think it can only use RAM for rendering, as it needs to get the whole thing together in virtual memory before it can write to disk. I could be wrong on that bit though. Have you tried a different output format, or a lower quality image? For example, use .jpg instead of .bmp, or set .jpg quality to Medium instead of High. If it just doesn’t want to work, you could render at a smaller resolution and center on the desktop to avoid ugly stretching, or take it into Photoshop and put a frame around it to fill the screen.

Having just come from SandyHook’s Burning Man thread and a short discussion of, erm, sexual enhancement appliances, my idiot subconscious briefly rendered that pic as two spread female thighs.

It’s all SandyHook’s fault.

But ya gotta admit, viewing it that way lends a certain pizzazz to the website, doesn’t it? “Architecture as porn”. Next up, the Washington Monument. :smiley:

I could also use it to host software I write. If I ever write any.

I thought to myself “hey, this isn’t so bad”… then the MUSIC started!