I Hate Beatles Fans

Hey everybody, Allan Sherman’s back!

Yes Yes. Beatles were a boy band. Doctor Who was a children’s program. And you shit in your diapers and threw up on your mom’s tits.

I too can hate things based solely upon what was produced during the first six months of life.

Or a frustrated guitar-god-wanna-be who finally gave up on trying to figure out the first chord of Hard Day’s Night.

Clearly, all you need is love. Could it be anybody?

You need professional Help!

Oh yeah, and their lyrics are horribly repetitious. Thanks for the reminder.

All you need is love, all you need is love, all you need is love, love love love love love love love is all you need, all you need is…

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the Beatles were a cult like phenomena (and not in a good way) especially early on. people assigned them godlike qualities. everything they did was totally new, self generated, original and earth shattering (nothing derivative) this cognitive dissonance was maintained even when other people were given song credit on the record labels.

people would examine their lyrics as if it was divine scripture with hidden meanings. people went at their lyrics the same way people examine the bible.

Careful what you say - that sounds like it could be bordering on criticism!!!11

As opposed to your OP, which is just garbage, and rather puerile garbage at that.

Rolling Stones > Beatles

Come on. I Wanna Hold Your Hand is one of the greatest rock songs everrrrr! Just admit it.

Seriously, though, anyone who can get worked up into a tizzy because of someone else’s taste in music has a lot more issues than any of the fanboys have. Chill. Listen to some Oasis if that makes you feel better.

Who were attracted to the Beatles when they were active? Screaming fanatical teenage girls.

What are screaming fanatical teenage girls attracted to nowadays? Jonas Brothers. Justin Bieber.

So basically, The Beatles were nothing more than the Jonas Brothers of the 1960s. It was a band of Justin Biebers.

You hate Steve Jobs?


What about Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison?

Winger > The Beatles.

the cult like following is very similar.

When Monkees fans snap…

The Monkees were a major influence on the Beatles.

And that song about statutory rape. Come on!