I Hate Beatles Fans

Fuck the Beatles. They suck. I don’t give two shits if they “inspired generations of music,” the music they created sucks. It was formula bubblegum pop with kindergarten lyrics and whiny-voiced singers. Fuck them all. Especially John.

Obladi. I mean what the fuck is that noise.

Fuck Beatles fans. The entire fucking myopic Beatles fandom is obsessed to a degree of absurdity. It’s like a fucking cult. Go smell your own farts you arrogant pieces of shit, I don’t like the Beatles, get over it. Just because you like the Beatles and I don’t doesn’t mean my selection of music and knowledge thereof is insignificant or worthless. Your fucking dismissive attitude towards those who dare not orgasm every time they hear a Beatles song gets really fucking old after a while. Yeah, I don’t like the Beatles - that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to “real music.” Who’s the fucktard who decided the Beatless were real music anyway?

Fucking Beatles fans. They’re so pathetic, always flipping out when anyone shows anything less than complete adulation for that overmarketed and overhyped band from Liverpool.

Well that’s that. Good day.

Somebody just turned 14.

Hello, I’m looking for an argument.

This is abuse. Argument is just down the hall.

C Like

I don’t like them either, but try to not let it get to me.

Well, according to Rolling Stone Magazine The Beatles have 4 albums in the top 10.

  1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  2. Revolver
  3. Rubber Soul
  4. The White Album.
    But what do they know?

ETA: This is based on artistic merit, not sales.

It’s not often you see someone reductio ad absurdum their own position in their OP.

Wow, maybe the worst pit ever.

You know what? This is the Pit, and I say if you seriously don’t like The Beatles then you have absolutely zero taste in music and aren’t qualified to speak on the matter.

Yes, music is a personal preference, but you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about if you call their music “formula bubblegum pop.”

It’s like saying Michael Jordan was a shitty basketball player, or Wayne Gretzky couldn’t play hockey; your argument has no basis.

Sure, and I’ll admit some of the stuff sounds dated after, gee, almost 50 fucking years! But the fact that they still get airplay after 50 years surely tells you something about their talent.

Even if I didn’t like The Beatles, I would be mature enough to appreciate their talent and their contribution to music. To offhandedly waive them away as being an “overmarketed and overhyped band” talks volumes about your knowledge of music and your maturity as an individual. I may not own any Michael Jackson albums or any Prince albums, but I can appreciate their talent, and they don’t even come close to The Beatles.

To sum it up, you’re a fucking cretin.

Pffft! Any publication that puts Sgt. Pepper’s over Revolver is teh journalistic suxx0r.
The entire fucking myopic Sgt. Pepper’s fandom is obsessed to a degree of absurdity.

OP… you listen to Styx. Case closed.

Yeah, and you searched the internet for a month for Styx lyrics. I got a pretty good idea who actually sucks.

Actually, I think someone just got shot down by some cute chick who likes the Beatles.

Yes, if Rolling Stone ordains it (with the help of Britney Spears, of course) it must have artistic merit.

While the op’s rant dissolves into a mess of teenage wankery it does manage to point out that the Beatles have not been universally crowned the perfect band.

I can’t stand them. Anything that reeks of Paul McCrapney is fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

The worst of it is that I realize Paul is a genius. A genius who is capable of great writing style but one who heavily peppers his portfolio with over-hyped commercial jingles. I believe that’s what lead to the breakup. John wanted to tackle some serious elements of music. Push the envelope of song structure, moral consciousness and form.

Paul responded with Oh-Blah-Dee.

When you think about it, it’s pretty easy to hate their music. They themselves hated it.

You are entitled to your own opinion, same as everyone else. Nobody are not entitled to their own facts.

You cannot deny the Beatles influence and success.

My thoughts on the OP: Obldada.

You mean it wasn’t Yoko?
I also dislike Obladi.

Stealing my joke from the Peter Morris thread. tsk tsk.

I’m a Beatles fan, I agree their output contains at least as many clunkers as any other band, and I certainly don’t flip out when someone shows less than complete adulaton. With that said, given the huge stylistic range they displayed after 1966 or so, to claim that the Beatles ‘suck’ (a worthless term anyway) seems to be saying, basically, ‘I don’t like music’.

But thanks for showing your ass, OP. I will be sure to give your fair-minded, balanced viewpoints on musical merit all the consideration they deserve.