I hate blue eye shadow!

From the point of view of a male.

Let’s face it: The purpose of most makeup (on females) is to imitate the signs of sexual arousal (lipstick, and blush).

But blue eye shadow doesn’t do that. It’s just sort of THERE, and its so blatently unnatural looking. I think a little bit is ok, but a lot of women go completely overboard. Major turnoff. Anna Nicole Smith, for example, went WAY overboard with the blue eye shadow on her show last Sunday, making her look even more like a gold digging whore than she already is.

Any females care to explain why you wear it?

I wouldn’t want to look like the gal on the Drew Carey Show, but if others want to wear it, it’s their choice to me. I don’t wear eye shadow at all, but will use eye liner, sometimes dark blue.

I’d take blue eyeshadow any day over that blinding white eyeliner the younger girls have taken to wearing.

Attention: Circling your eyes with a white line makes you look like a frightened badger.


I think the idea of blue is to make the eyes look bigger, which supposedly activates a hard-wired “cuteness response” in our brains. Babies have relatively big eyes (because they have relatively big heads), and adults apparently respond to this; just ask any cartoonist how to make a character cute, and they’ll probably reply, “give it a big head, and big eyes” -just like Tweety Bird.

Also, blue eye shadow looks faaaaaabulously 70s. :smiley:

It depends. It can look great on some women, not so great on others.

if u want the look of bigger eyes, use dark colors like dark browns n greys (ah grey…hugs her grey n black eye shadow)
blue makes u look cheap, unless its like a light blue and just barely there…

I wear dark brown shadow and black liner. The brown goes better with my skintone and hair than greys, and I never, ever wear anything shiny except maybe lipstick.

I wouldn’t be caught in a zillion years wearing blue eye shadow. If I had any, it would be in the box labeled “for bizarre dress up purposes”… like if I was putting on makeup to make me look like a space alien or something.

I have a friend who wears blue eyeshadow, and for some freaky reason, it looks incredibly good and almost… natural on her. :eek: Seriously, she looks great with blue shadow. I can’t really wear blue (unless it’s dark blue eyeliner), since it doesn’t match me (yellow-pink LIGHT skin, bluey-grey and orange eyes, and ashy brown hair), or most people for that matter. :wink:

I’m already bitter enough about my eyes. I have small eyes which are incredibly deep-set. Want to know just how deep-set they are? Back when I was going to prom, my aunt did my makeup, and wanted to use an eyelash curler on my lashes. she couldn’t even get the curler to the base of my lashes because my eyes were so deep-set!

I vary my makeup. I generally stick to blacks, greys, purples, and pinks. I cannot do browns, because 99 out of 100 brown shades turn a bright orange on me. That’s also the reason I hardly wear lipstick or blush; most shades seem to turn orangey unless I get a blue based pink or pinky-purple.

Shades like brown, taupe, beige and the like natural colors of eyelids and thus don’t look overdone. However blue, purple, and green shades don’t look natural and thus have to be blended in carefully. Anna Nicole looks like she trowels on her makeup with a butter knife.

I remember how bad blue eyeshadow looked in old photographs when it went out of fashion. There’s no way on Earth I’d wear it now, knowing how it will appear when we look back on today’s photos in ten years. Ditto most of the revolting 70’s style clothing in the stores today. Blech. There’s a decade that should never have been resurrected.

Blue eyeshadow, for me, is one of those “mysteries of women’s makeup” that I Just Don’t Get.

Like applying lipstick beyond the edge of the lips, drawn on eyebrows, etc.

Ladies, these all look hideous. Think of them in the same category as mullets. “Less is more.”