I hate cell phone ringers!

I think everyone who has one of those goddam “catchy” cell phone ring tones and leaves their phone on their desk when they’re gone should have the damn thing duct-taped to their ears while I hit their number and “redial” on my silent-ringing vibrating phone for a full 4 hours. I wouldn’t even mind paying for the minutes!
I’m surrounded by a bunch of pinheads who all just got brand spankin’ new phones, and they’re all just as giddy as can be about all the great little ditties they can use as a ringer. But they leave them on the desk, volume high, all the time, whether they are there or not. It’s not unusual (which hasn’t yet turned up as a ringer song, but I’m sure it will) to have 3 or 4 of these things tweedle-deedling away at once while I sit here diligently surfing the SDMB or occasionally even taking a work break. I’m gonna start putting them in an open drawer with a nastygram telling them to take their frigin’ phone with them!

For revenge (and I this is from SNL’s “Tipsy the Turtle” cartoon from back in the 80s):

Go to a card store and buy on of those cards that plays “Happy Birthday” when you open it. Pull out the gizmo that plays the music. With a pocket knife, cut a small hole in the lining of Noisy-Phone’s coat and drop in the little music maker.

Those little batteries can last for hours!

OMG you take work breaks!!!

I have a solution to your problem however, one that I have often considered, although not yet used, myself. Take with you to work one ten pound sledgehammer.
Wait for one of your colleagues to walk away, leaving the offensive thing on his or her desk.
Importantly: do not wait for it to ring…it will only annoy you and possibly spoil your aim.
Beat the cellphone repeatedly with the sledgehammer.
Go back to your desk and the sanctuary of SDMB.
Repeat as necessary.

Motorola’s Law: The amount of time it takes for someone to answer their cellular phone is directly proportional to how annoying the ring is

Mine plays the Godfather theme. :smiley:

Ooh, where did you get that? Mine plays the theme from Il Buono, il brutto, il cattivo.
FWIW I don’t leave mine on my desk unless it’s off or in vibrate mode.

I don’t object to people who prefer difference ringtones. Why not? It makes it easier to distinguish your phone’s ring from others’ phones, and it lets you have a little fun too. It’s not my cup of tea – a simple beep and the vibrate mode – but I’m not really bothered by that in itself.

I do strenuously object to people who set their phone ringtones unnecessarily loud, and particularly those who leave their phones unattended. If you’re not going to use it, switch the damn thing off or at least switch the tone off.

hehe, Mine plays “Axel F” but I always keep it with me, so as not to annoy people like the OP.

Which is why, when I get a cell phone (won’t be for a while… none of 'em are good enough for my tastes), I’ll have its ring tone set to “Ri-i-i-i-i-ing!” Mine’ll be the only one on that planet that still does that.

Oh no it won’t. My cellphone will play a tune when pigs grow wings and the very heart of hell itself is encased in a block of ice.

I have a choice of 30 different ringers on my Japanese cell phone. Exactly none of them are not tunes of some description. And some of the descriptions are in Japanese, so I have only a vague notion of what they are (“ruforo?!?” What?).


Yeah, but you live on the East Coast, so I don’t have to worry.

my ringtone is one constant, high pitched

sometimes i just let it ring…

Mine plays Ode to Joy.

Kinda ironic when it’s the boss calling.

UnwrittenNocturne, you have no idea how often I’ve contemplated that!
And Eats_Crayons, you’re a poster after my own heart!
I actually did that to someone once-he brought a Xmas card to work with the little sound dealy. He would leave it on the outer corner of his board, where everyone could hear it, and he’d open it occasionally, facing out to our boards. After a couple days of this annoying shit, we took revenge-he went to the rest room, and we took the music box out of the card and stuck it in the vent directly over his board. We could hear it if we strained, but it played directly into his little area. Took him over an hour to find it.:stuck_out_tongue:
He took it home.
And yes, everyone else, it’s the volume and abandonment that bugs me. If I could, I’d have the opera singer from the “Fifth Element” or “Baby Elephant Walk” as my ringer, but it would be on a very low tone or off, unless I was alone. It’s not the song that’s so irritating as much as just hearing the same few bars over and over and over and over and over…:rolleyes:

Or get a ringer tone that is a realistic human scream.

Oh, I like that!

My personal phone plays “Stampede” (just like in the beef commercial). I turn it off when I put it in my locker.

The phones we use at work all play the same 2 or 3 rings but I keep mine in my pocket. I despise the bulky holder with the belt clip. I don’t need that extra bulk on my waistband thank you. Plus I live in fear of dropping it in the toilet.

My phone plays the old Adam West Batman music, but it’s usually just on vibrate. I had the thing in my bag when I first got it and never heard the ringer, so I finally gave up and got a belt clip for it. Now people call me a dork for wearing the phone on my belt, but at least it doesn’t annoy people when I get a call. (The pants I wear don’t have pockets big enough for a phone.)

Joohwan? Is that you? :eek:

I have a friend who wants that very thing.

Cell phones going off during lecture make me see red. When they go off during tests, it drives me into a rabid werewolf-like rage. I can think of few other things that irritate me as much and in quite the same way.

The one I really hate is that generic little tune that nearly everyone seems to have. It’s got this four-note progression that repeats three times and then has one long note at the end.

Why can’t they ALL use vibrate?