I hate Enterprise

But did you see that episode where he ran around with no shirt on?

The guys ripped, no?

That’s awesome. I was so disappointed when B5 went off the air. Too bad that whole Newtonian Physics concept didn’t catch on with the network execs, that was the first show in the genre that I had ever seen use physics that actually made sense.

Fave scene: toward the end of the last episode, when JMS (in the janitor’s outfit) does the walk-on cameo to shut the station’s power off. Muy poignant.

The last three seasons had some of the best production values I’ve seen on any show, of any genre.

Cripes, I’m such a geek…

B5 was really hit-and-miss though. Some episodes were the best (acting/production/special effects/story-wise) I’ve ever seen on TV and some were so bad it hurt to watch. For example, when B5 first rebelled and Earth Alliance sent warships to reclaim it rates as one of the best hours of TV I’ve ever seen; alternatively, there was some episode (‘Whatever Happened to Brown 14’ or some shit like that) which was so horribly bad that I wanted to burn my retinas out and huddle in the corner. It’s still better than Trek (which tends to be a continuous sludge of blandness broken up by the occasional outstanding episode) but I really, really wish JMS would have had an editor looking over his shoulder.

Is this what she looks like?

I don’t recall her looking like that on the show but I’ve only seen half on one episode.

Oh, YEAH, baby! Grrr, baby, GRRR!

I’m thinking specifically of the first time we saw his chiseled abdomen - he was in a skin-tight rock-climbing body suit unzipped down the front.

GRRR, baby, GRRR!

Me likey!


Mmmm… Porthos… :smiley:

Seriously, Hoshi is a babe!

Anybody else notice that in the shore leave on Risa episode, she’s the only person who got any? :wink:

I found myself chuckling and chanting “Ho-shi fucked an al-i-en Ho-shi fucked an al-i-en” after I saw that.

I admit, the show can suck sometimes. I’d say it’s got a 2 for 3 success rate. I also frequent a scifi model building board where Enterprise takes a lot of flak. For those in the know, it’s become something like Star Trek’s Gundam Wing for the more annoying fans.

Although the technology of the show seems too advanced for something that’s supposed to take place 100 years before Kirk’s time, it would be ludicrous to make it look more primitive than something that looked as it did in the 60’s due to its low budget. As for their handheld technology and stuff, it’s more advanced in relation to OUR timeline, which makes even some of the fancy handheld gadgets from TOS look primitive.

My two chief complaints are that Archer gets his ass kicked WAY too much, and the Vulcans sure are a bunch of rat-bastards in this show. They’re supposed to be polite–not arrogant. Spock, Tuvok, and Sarek would be appalled.

My favorite character is Phlox. There’s this scene in the pilot where he smiles and looks like he’s in the video for “Black Hole Sun.”

I’ve only seen Enterprise once, and I was not impressed. Not only was the plot cliche and hackish, it was cliche and hackish for Star Trek. I’ve seen at least three episodes of some incarnation of the series with the exact same plot, and this wasn’t even an especially exciting treatment. Bo-ring.

Voyager and Enterprise are the cancer that feasts on one of the greatest (if not the greatest) science-fiction seri (whats the plural of series) ever. At least in Voyager I can cheer for the Borg.

It was written by Diane Warren who also wrote “Because You Loved Me,” “Un-Break My Heart,” “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” “When I See You Smile,” “I Get Weak,” “I Don’t Want to Live Without Your Love,”…

If you don’t like a song blame Diane Warren first! She writes for almost every movie, TV is next.

Hey! What’s wrong with Gundam Wing?

mmmmm… trowa… tosses wufei to Esprix

And let’s put it this way… not entirely heartbroken not to be able to get Enterprise here. Not after seeing the first few episodes. Someone tell me if gay people suddenly decide to come back into existence, but otherwise, meh.

All 3 of the post TNG series have been woefully tedious exercises in dead horse flagellation.

You guys! Stop typing about Hoshi and T’pol and decontamination gel and… and…

…huh? Um, yeah! Yeah, stop that. raisinbread is trying to complain about the show. Frankly I don’t totally agree with everything he wrote, except that the show could be better. Non-heiney-sucking intro music would help, yeah…
I dunno. On an unrelated topic, I did like Space 1999. Sometimes I think the series is missing that whole TOS charm. (But I hardly ever say it or people will think I’m a fuddyduddy).
Ya know what I think, I think ST IV (the one with the whales), was a great movie, and the last time Star Trek knew what it was supposed to be. Now, all we see is cleavage, phasers, explosions and chases like it’s the Matrix or some cheap action flick. That’s not what it’s about!
K done. :slight_smile:

I wanna know why they had nice music for all the other series then they use something that sounds like a cheesy 80s song, and break tradition with all the other opening styles of the series? I can’t stand the show – though I confess one of the main reasons is because I absolutely cannot stand Scott Bakula in any roll what-so-ever. I think one of the other reasons is because it feels like it’s trying to be non-Trek Star Trek. Like the changed the opening sequence and made the ship look more ‘gritty’ and changed the uniforms so that it would be more ‘hip’ or appeal better to non-Trekker viewers.

Voyager wasn’t the best, but at least it was pretty consistent with the rest of the Trek series, visually speaking, and the characters acted what they were (Vulcan != stuck up bitch, T’Pol). The bad Voyager episodes are at least laughably bad; on the other hand, I honestly can’t force myself to sit through an entire Enterprise episode. I never really liked Seven of Nine, but I’d pay to see her beat the crap out of that T’Pol chick. She can beat up “Captain” Smiley-Ass Archer when she’s done with the “Vulcan.”

At least the new movie looks to be good.

Mmmmm… Jean-Luc Picard… now there is a Captain…

Nothing’s wrong with Gundam Wing. I was just saying that annoying star trek fans treat Enterprise the same way annoying anime/gundam fans treat Gundam Wing.

See the picture that Silentgoldfish linked to above… :wink:

She is HOT!

I think that’s exactly why – to break tradition with the other series. I noticed also, when it first started, that they weren’t calling it “Star Trek: Enterprise” – just “Enterprise”. Trying to make it sound more like a stand-alone series, I guess? To appeal to non-Trek-fans as well?

I did find (online) an alternate opening sequence that did use a more traditional sounding Trek theme music piece. Apparently it was under consideration, but they opted for the non-symphonic starting instead…

The trailers definitely look good! I’m hoping it ends up being one of the better ones.

Sir and or Madam, the theme song is the best thing about the show because my neighbors and I sing it loudly and off key every time it plays!
The stories are bad, the alleged story arc of a temporal cold war is pretty limp, and there was only one good scene and that was where T’Pol’s grandmother crashed in Carbon Creek and her big swinging naked Vulcan mammalia’s silhouette was ever so visible behind that bedsheet.
Beyond that, it’s just a board room meeting except instead of being in a hotel lobby (TNG) it’s in a submarine. Now if only Archer would start speaking German while water sprayed from the ceiling.

Oh my God, it’s worse than I thought! :wink: