I hate Enterprise

I hate Enterprise. The only good thing about the show, T’Pol as eye candy, has gotten old already. The stories are lame, the action is non-existent, the crew is acting like every rule and regulation of the Federation has been in effect for a hundred years even though the Federation isn’t even a twinkle in Earth’s eye. There was one good episode, the first one with Andorrians and the Vulcan monastery, but after that it seems to be everyone standing around talking with no action whatsoever. The plots are not engaging nor do I find myself caring about the characters. When I first heard that there was going to be a sort of Star Trek prequel I was excited thinking this would be cool except it’s lame, humdrum bullshit of everyone playing it safe. Of course I’m an imbecile thinking there may be new ground broken in a Star Trek series but just for a moment I thought Enterprise would be different.

What are you, some kind of Babylon 5 freak?

sniff I miss B5.

That is all.

I like Enterprise. I like Babylon 5 as well - even buying the entire series.

(Of course, I also liked Millennium, and I’ve been nailed to the wall about that one before.)


I can’t even get past the opening song.

More proof that I’m just strange: I like all the incarnations of the Star Trek show. I’m also kind of fond of the old British series UFO and also of Space 1999.

I feel your pain, brother.

I felt exactly the same when Martin and Lewis broke up.

How come archer has all that whizzy technology and then Kirk (who comes later) has bakelite? Hmmm?

Yes, but it has Hoshi! HOSHI!! What else do you need?

Yea, I wonder what genius decided that Bryan Adams would be the perfect musician to write an opening song for a sci fi show.

And I refuse to watch Trek until they create a credible human bad guy (and no, ‘Q’ doesn’t count). The idea that the human race has somehow evolved into paragons of virtue while all those poor, benighted Klingons, Romulans and Cardassians muddle through life being evil is too much of a jump for me to make. I just hope and pray that some star-faring civilization doesn’t come across some old Trek broadcasts and decide to exterminate us all just for being a bunch of sanctimonious twits… :wink:



Mmmmm… Hoshi!

Mmmm… Harry Kim…

(Oh, wait - wrong series.)

Mmmm… Mayweather…


Re: Hoshi, aka Linda Park.
Ref: Tars Tarkas and Astroboy postings above.
Msg: Agreed.
Related topic: Space 1999.
Additional msg: Who’s the actress who played Sandra?

Zienia Merton.

http://www.homecinemachoice.com/articles/miscarticles/200103Space1999/200103Space1999.shtml"]A great Space: 1999 site. Now available on DVD.

Corrected Space: 1999 link.

You know, at first when I saw people saying:

Hoshi… mmmmmm

in a few other threads, I thought they were joking and being really mean pricks. But then it dawned on me that some guys here really think she’s attractive. I didn’t even think of that as a possiblity. Really. Am I the only one that thought that?

Bring back Voyager and Deep Space Nine!

Smart Alec answer: Yes
Real answer: I’ve seen some other people say they didn’t care for her, so probably not

Voyager had a great opening theme.

B5 > Star Trek.

That is all.