I hate it when the wrong people try to do the right thing


I hate it when the wrong people try to do the right thing. At around 4:30 in the morning someone going to her car outside an apartment building sees a man peeping through the window of her five year old daughters bedroom and masturbating. She then goes and gets a few friends and they proceed to beat the crap out of the peeper. If they had just given the perv a world of hurt and held him for the police I would have supported them 100% and been pissed if the cops cited them with anything more than leaving trash on a sidewalk. After all, the pounding peeper has seemingly gone past the point where an adult woman and perhaps even internet kiddy porn can satisfy him and while I claim no expertise in the field of psychology I do suspect that the simple “thrill” of gazing through the window at a young child might eventually wear thin and it is not inconceivable that the next step might be climbing through that window. However,….

Six people beat the perv literally within an inch of his life and at some point sodomized him with a foot long tree branch. They then leave him there for a few minutes and seemingly discuss what to do. The police imply a decision had been made on where to dump the body and when they went to get the body they notice that an apartment security camera had filmed all that transpired. They tore the camera down and when the police were called it was found in their apartment. “This is one of the tightest cases I’ve ever had,” North Royalton Detective Jay Drake said. “Everything’s on tape.”

Man, I totally understand these peoples motives but they went way too far. I would hate to be on their jurry.

Talk about a classic case of “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

I just do not get the vigilantly mentality.
We, as a supposedly civilized society, have agreed to allow the law to persecute crimes-however, heinous they may be.

Unless it’s a clear case of self-defense, you never have the right to pummel someone into oblivion.
This is exactly why mob justice doesn’t work.

Okay, I can sort of get the beating him up part. But why did she rape him with a tree branch? Seriously, what the fuck?

This looks to me more like when the right people try to do the wrong thing–they grabbed the guy, which is good. They should have stopped at that point and called the cops. They didn’t stop, which is a bad thing.

She raped him with a tree branch because he deserved it. And because she is one sick puppy.

Betcha he doesn’t go peeping in kid’s windows anymore, though.

I get it; it just doesn’t make it right. I’ve always seen vigilante justice as people’s way of saying, “I don’t trust other people to do the right thing, so I’m going to make sure it gets done. I want to be 100% certain that this person is treated in the manner [I think] he should be treated.”

Like I said, it’s not right, but I think that’s what leads to it.

Using necessary force to capture and subdue the guy would’ve been right. Holding him for the cops would’ve been right. Beating him after he was subdued and raping him wasn’t right at all.

Wrong. Nobody deserves to be raped. Not even a guy that plays with his willy while looking at a kid sleeping. Period.


I agree completely, these people were way way out of line. However I also think it’s unrealistic to expect that anyone confronting a situation like this without phisical recourse. My neice sleeps in a ground floor room and similarly confronted I can almost guaranty the perpetrator would have cause to regret his intrusion even before the police arrived. I respect your viewpoint and it is not without it’s validity but self-defence is sometimes not a cut and dried issue and sometimes the circumstances in which you are forced to make a decision are not conducive to the highest level of reason.

BTW, on re reading the linked article it appears the person who first saw the peeper was not the girls mother but rather a friend and the period of time between the beating and the six returning to retrieve the body was not “a few minutes” as I had said but rather a little over an hour. These people will do time for their crimes, but as I said, I’d hate to be the ones trying to determine how much.

I can honestly attest to 2 things about this OP.

First, I have no sympathy for this sick fuck.

Second, having absolutely no chance of not being biased, I would request to be excused from the jury. I want people to be given fair trials, and I wouldn’t be conducive to that.

Am I honest? Am I an asshole? Am I an honest asshole? :smiley: Doesn’t matter, I’d be just as inclined to abstain from the vigilantes’ jury cuz I’d go into it voting acquittal. Again, wouldn’t be a fair trial.

When I lived in Oakland, I made the foolish mistake of cutting down an alley one night to meet my boyfriend.
Mind you, it was actually more of a side street with little shops and lights-which promptly went out.
A very large and scary man grabbed me as I was half way down it and pulled me into a doorway and started pawing at my shirt…
There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that it was the prelude to my being raped.
Luckily, my bf appeared before anything could happen.
Was I terrified?
You betcha.
Was I shaking like a leaf?
Did I have a week’s worth of nightmare’s?
Yes indeedy.

My bf was an ex-marine-1 year out of Vietnam.
Did I let him beat the snot out of the guy like he wanted to?
It’s too easy, especially when one is enraged or scared shitless, to let things get out of hand.
To start out looking for simple justice and to end up killing someone.

There are probably places somewhere where a man would have to pay an exotic dancer to stick things up his bung. Maybe Miss Lemieux should send Mr Russo a bill for services rendered. Help the poor lass defray the cost a defense attorney, you know. :smiley:

While I applaud your honesty and understand your sentiments (I can’t feel much sympathy myself), I have to ask, is it necessary to be sympathetic to be objective? I can recognize the horror of one act while decrying the horror of another perpetrated on the perpetrator of the first. I have to agree completely with jlzania, this is exactly why mob rule does not work. Sadly, throughout much of the world, this sort of mentality serves to continually undermine the strength of the rule of law and freedom of the people.

Not that I’m attacking you personally, duffer, just wondering in general.

Rape is never right. Coming back to beat and rape someone while they’re lying unconcious on your lawn is never right. Where’s the threat? Attacking him in the heat of passion, I can sympathize, but I’d still call it assault and hope they’d be convicted. Coming back an hour later to finish the job is cold and premeditated.

Saying it’s okay to rape someone is fucking sick, and raping and beating someone with the intent of killing him are worse crimes than mastrubating outside a sleeping girl’s window. Their crimes against society are greater than his. I’m sure the irony is lost on them.

duffer, you wonder who the sick fucks are in the world? Look in the mirror. Everyone has the choice, even when angry or scared, to act honorably. Be an asshole if you want, but I wish being a better man wasn’t so out of style.

This sounds like a David Lynch movie. Completely disgusting and not a single worthwhile character, strippers, sodomy, drugs and jerking off. The only thing missing is a dwarf and a tapioca pudding close-up.

I don’t generally agree with duffer on much, and this isn’t really an exception, but come on; he’s acknowledged his bias in this case and said he would take action to prevent it having an effect. If someone’s got a bias (and no-one’s completely unbiased), that’s the most you can ask. If only more people did the same.

gatopescado, I can’t find any close-ups of a dwarf eating tapioca pudding, but here’s a photo of a quite small goat that is apparently called Tapioca Pudding. I hope this helps.

Yeah, but unlike David Lynch movies, it at least seems to have an understandable narrative flow.


Firstly, I think that they were totally justified in beating the crap out of this guy. They were *not * justified in committing sexual assault.


The guy is masturbating at the sight of a sleeping child.

Presumably a fully clothed and covered in blankets sleeping child. We’re not talking about a kid who’s dressed in…heck, I don’t know… whatever perverts find sexy on kids. The girl is in bed, so presumably just her face and a bit of hair on a pillow is what’s showing.

And he’s getting off on that. Are you seriously suggesting that abduction and rape of a child aren’t a part of the future scenario with this guy? I know that I can only see a very, very bad scene being set here.

The guy deserved - in my opinion - to have the crap kicked out of him. I think from the description in the article that even that may have gone further than it should have. But even assuming that the beating was within the bounds of ‘reasonable’ as a response to seeing your sleeping child being wanked over by a sick pervert, nothing excuses the rape with a branch - that went beyond the pale.

I wouldn’t have taken it personally, it seemed like a legit question. I’ve never purported to be perfect, but I’ve also never denied who I am. (Why does that work for minorities but not white males?) Anyway.

It’s a gut feeling I have when I see shit being taken care of by citizens. I certainly don’t want to go back to vigilanties, but I can see where the “mob mentality” takes over and doesn’t want to wait for the cops to show up, only to have some shitbag get a slap on the wrist and is free to do it again and again.

While I like to roar and blow smoke, in a real life situation the only way I’d cause physical harm to anyone is if it was necessary to prevent grave harm to another person. Otherwise, I’d subdue them until the cops showed up.

But being on a jury, my gut instinct during jury selection would be to assume the vigilante would walk. And barring something like amputation for stealing a pair of shoes, it would take much more to make me vote guilty than a prosecutor could probably offer. Therefore, I wouldn’t be a fair nor impartial juror. That is why I’d ask to be excused.

As to your post, Rysler, yup, I’m the sick fuck. Now if you’ll just give me your address so I can stand outside your young daughter’s window and jerk-off, I’ll make a video for you. Your callous disregard of pedophilia is apalling.