I hate it when the wrong people try to do the right thing

Those people are going to get so fucking put away it’s not even funny. It’s bad enough that they beat and raped his ass, but they attempted to hide evidence, AND colluded for an hour about how best to handle the situation before whooping his ass. Talk about 1st degree ANYTHING!

I’m sure the DA is happy.


Because privileged minorities don’t bitch endlessly about people ‘reverse-discriminating’ against them?

Yeah, but you forgot their biggest crime in modern America. They were smoking pot! :eek:

“Hey, you got tree branch in my peanut butter.”

I’ve actually been in this exact situation before when a peeper was looking through a window at an ex and myself. After chasing him down and catching him, believe me the temptation is great to do bodily harm. Your adrenaline is gushing from not knowing what you’re going to encounter and you’re pissed because your privacy has been invaded by a pervert.

I imagine some sort of mob mentality overtook these people. That and the fact they were stupid enough to think ripping the camera off a wall would destroy the tape.

I only scanned the article really quick. They were SMOKING DOPE while he was jacking off outside her kid’s window? WTF? They’re SO going down.

At first glance, it seemed like normal vigilante justice, but now it sounds more like a drug-induced jolly fest on both sides of the coin.


Here’s a paradox: if there was the slightest chance of his escaping, I’d prefer they kill him rather than risk that. But if they had him held down, I couldn’t condone a single calorie expended beyond what was needed to hold him until the cops arrived.

We had a similar case a few years up here, as I recall, where a molested girl’s stepfather and uncle took the molester into the woods and tortured him for a couple of days. As with the stick-rape in the OP, at a certain point you’ve passed self-defense and entered the realm of getting your own sick ya-yas out.

Would you please be so kind as to elucidate the bolded material? Thanks ever so much.

I don’t think it’s so much a “callous disregard”, as a “reluctance to condemn thought crimes”.
So far, the man had not touched the girl in any way. Is it likely he might have escalated later? Probably. But he didn’t. And we can only punish people for crimes they actually commit, not ones they think of committing.

I like it that way. Do you?

Sounds like Bugsy’s doesn’t really need a bouncer.

Wow, I’m glad I don’t live in your universe. The number of times I’ve thought about bitch-slapping someone for being a dumb-ass, they’d have locked me up and thrown away the key years ago.

Despite all the wrong that was done by all these people, this makes a strong case for having secure window blinds in use at the proper times and places.

Miz, voice of experience

I’m sorry, on what evidence do you base that assertion? And how exactly does the fact that he gets off on fully clothed children make it more likely that he’d commit rape?

Yeah, masturbating in public while looking at a child ain’t good, but rape is a far worse crime. So let’s not go insane here.

An ass beating seems appropriate in the situation, but the branch sodomy was not. Any jury would understand why you would be mad enough to beat a guy for masturbating to the sight of your little child. That’s a logical response. The sodomy is just sadistic. It puts these people in the same category as the pervert.

Tell you what, email me your address and make sure to leave your shades open at night while you’re sleeping. Would that make you more comfortable?

How many times do I have to say I probably wouldn’t have done the same thing given the circumstances? I was saying I’d ask to be dismissed from the jury pool because I have a little piece of me that sympathizes with this. I hate pedophiles. With a blinding passion. I could never be fair on such a jury.

Sorry for the honesty. I’ll stop if it gets so many people riled up.

Not to speak for duffer, but I don’t think it’s your honesty that bothers people. I think it’s your attitude that, “If you aren’t in favor of raping the guy with a tree branch, then you must for for pedophilia.” I think your first sentence there is really out of line. Just because someone is in favor of the appropriate punishment for the crime, rather than out-of-control vigilanteism, doesn’t mean you should wish for them to be a victim of a crime.

Oops, I meant to say, “Not to speak for kung fu lola…”

No, actually, the brutal beating was sadistic all by itself, and the sodomy was the perverted icing on the cake. We’re not talking about a few jabs, or enough force to restrain him until the police arrive.

Anyone who thinks that is appropriate is an inhuman scumbag.

Well, it wouldn’t make ME more comfortable, but it would make you guilty of a crime. For which you should be charged, tried on, convicted and made to serve the appropriate sentance.

But perhaps YOU would be more comfortable with being forceably raped with a foreign object.

I must say - that seems like a strange choice.

I meant “an” ass beating was in order, not that type of brutality. Perhaps that was unclear in my post.

One can hope these people won’t get a “slap on the wrist”, but the long sentence they richly deserve for assault, battery, rape, torture and possible attempted murder.

You don’t want people like that roaming free in the streets, right?

Why so, exactly?

Nothing to do with “callous disregard of pedophilia”. The crimes these people commited are way worst than the original offence. I wouldn’t want other people to follow this example and bring “justice” into their own hands. There are (obviously by simply reading this thread) too much people who find the concept appealing or at least excusable and could be tempted to do the same. That’s why they should be punished as severely as they deserve to be, in order that other potential criminals won’t think they could get away with such crap.

Someone stated that maybe the lurker could become tommorow a rapist? Well…these people already proved they were. Let’s talk about your “callous disregard” of torture and rape.