I hate my body right now

Not because I’m fat, and not because I am having joint issues, but because apparently I am either truely stupid, or a mutant. [don’t worry I am seeing my doc tomorrow morning anyway]

My doctor gave me clonidine in a patch form. Either somehow the sticky side of the patch does not have any medication on it, or I seem to not be able to absorb it through my skin.

I checked the instructions when I opened the box, it takes 3 days to get to where you have a theraputic level in your blood, so I call and confirm that I need to take my meds and taper off over the 3 days and I do so. it is now the 5th day, and since tapering off the damned pills, nada. It is as if I had absolutely nothing stuck to my arm. Does correct? Yup, same dose I was taking in pill form…

How can I NOT be absorbing something designed to absorb? I double checked, arm clean and dry? Yup. Sticky side on the arm? Yup. I wanted to take a shower and the edge was looking like it was coming up, so I used the cover patch that they helpfully included to keep it on the arm …


So, am i an idiot, or can people actually not absorb stuff through the skin that is designed to go through?

From here.

Did you do this?

yup … wont stick unless you do [like peeling apart and sticking on a bandaid/sticking plaster ]

We were so hoping that this would help - apparently I metabolize clonidine really rapidly, it tanks out on me in about 6 and a half hours or so rather than the 8 hours … and a 1 week patch would stop the sine wave action of my diastolic =(

I am wondering if it is because I do seem to metabolize clonidine so fast I just cant get the proper theraputic dose in my system and keep it there … sigh