I Hate My Feet!

Okay, so I’m packing for my big weekend in Copenhagen, and it occurs to me that it would be a good idea to check the forecast first. It’s going to rain the whole weekend!

Now, that’s not so bad, I don’t mind getting wet. The problem is, I’ve developed arthritis in a toe I broke a few years back, and damp weather makes it hurt really bad. :frowning:

Okay, now that’s not so bad because I’ve got this one pair of shoes that is totally comfortable, so I’ll still be able to walk around and enjoy myself.

The problem is, the shoes don’t go with anything except jeans! And I had my heart set on wearing these totally cool shoes that I got a few months back. This is my big weekend on the town, and I’m going to look like a nerd.

I suppose I could go ahead and wear my cool shoes and the dress I have that goes so well with them, but then Scarlett and Norm would have to carry me everywhere.

Feet Suck!

Uh, you are worried how your FUCKING FEET LOOK?!

Is it just me or are you the biggest wank off in the last two months on the MPSIMS board?!

Your FEET?!

Fuck me all over with a rusty chain saw!

I’m so worried about my butt crack that I can barely speak!


Life, (ya know, that limited thing we get) is way too fucking short to worry about your feet. Or what you put on them!

NO ONE is going to notice your god damn shoes!


Am I jealous? NO! That you get to go where I’ve wanted to…

The last thing I’d give a shit about is my feet

You are just fucking weird.

Arthritis or not.

Get a grip.

Shoes are shoes. Go barefoot if it helps.

Man! If I was in a room with you right now I’d kick you so hard you couldn’t even SEE your feet!

Buck up! Go forth! And send me some lusty cards…

Well that ought to wake the entire North American clique right up there, Byz.

Okay, Byz may have a point, although I think that to be fair she should first see these new shoes I have and how incredibly cute they are and how incredibly cute I look in them. Is it to much to ask that I get to go to Copenhagen and look good?

So what if I care how my feet look? Everybody has their little quirks right? I obsess over my feet, you threaten to twirl twerps around your head. Live and let live, eh?

And yes, people will notice what shoes I am wearing, especially after I started a whole thread about 'em.

You know, Byz, I think we’re about evenly matched up in size. You might have more muscles, but I’ve got my super duper secret tae qwan do moves my mom taught me. And I am not above fighting dirty. You want to make a big deal out of this, fine. Let’s take this outside.

(and btw, why don’t you get your ass on a plane and come and join us?)

Well, I guess I’m sure what NOT to comment on, now. (Like I’ll be able to resist…)

Say, Byz, are you a tad worked up over something ?

Coldie: Have a nice time in London!

28 hours and counting - Norman signs off.

Norman, the polite thing to do would be to offer to cart me around town on your shoulders, so that I can wear my incredibly cool shoes. I know that you are probably not familiar with American manners, so I’ll let it slide this time…:wink:

More bad news: Since I am incredibly bored right now, I decided to chew four of those plaque revealing tablets to see how good a job I’m doing with the 'ol toothbrushing.

The good news is I have clean teeth. The bad news is that I think I stained my inner cheeks and tongue neon pink.

Well, at least now no one will notice my shoes…

Yeah, Byz may have a point. Unfortunately, it’s on top of her head!

That came off really mean and rude… I was really just being an “over the top get real sorta bitch”. Nothing like a poster sending me e-mail to make me see what a big meany head I was being!

I really, really, was just being a jokester.

Honestly, who gives a shit about your feet? (Damn, I did it again! I’m such a shit!)

I mean, my breasts are so huge they take up the car next to me but who am I to judge? :slight_smile:


Have a good time and sugar, if I could swing the air fare I’d be there. In a heart beat. No matter how big or weird your feet are. Between your feet and my breasts lies our… uh… well, let’s not go there… or if we do this means a whole new thread!

Have a safe and happy holiday. And please remember that Byz is short for Be Your Zebra. It doesn’t mean anything but my stripes might help!

Love and stuff
(and can I caress your feet?)

Umm…Are the SDMB women’s pages ready yet??

Byz…if your statement above is true, then you are VERY important to me…LOL…

Although…if you really do have a disgustiing butt crack…