I hate my new chair.

My old computer chair has been broken for a while – something in the seat frame cracked and now you can’t sit back even a little without falling through a wormhole.

So today I went and bought a new one. Ordered it online from Office Depot and just went to pick it up at the store. And … it’s awful. Mostly it’s just too small: it’s too narrow for me to sit cross-legged, the armrests don’t come forward far enough, and I miss having a seat-back with a head rest. Also it doesn’t tilt back unless you apply a lot of pressure with your legs, so in effect it just doesn’t tilt back.
So … any chance I can get a refund (or credit) from Office Depot? I’ve got all the packaging and the chair is undamaged, but it will be obvious that the chair was assembled and disassembled if they care to inspect it.

Check the receipt and/or store policy on their website to see what’s possible. If no info there, call the store. They will give you dope even straighter than can be had here on this site.