I Hate my username

No, don’t change! You’re the only other poster with an intentionally (I think?) misspelled username!

I don’t like my name either, but someone stole the name I normally use on forums (and I know it was deliberate theft because it’s not a cultural reference and the only stuff that comes up when you Google it is stuff relating to me); they never used it either. I’ve been thinking about changing it to my normal username with a space between the two words, something I should have thought of when I first signed up and my name was taken, but I was so full of RAGE I wasn’t thinking clearly. Hmm…

Get Back, Jojo!

Advice well worth repeating. I didn’t put enough thought into mine when I had it changed, and now I dislike it even more than I ever disliked FireUnderpantsBoos. Sighhhh… stupid username.

Well, you shouldn’t!

So not only are some of us unsatisfied with our own stations in life but we’ve repeated the mistake in the virtual world. Fuck hope my silly friends!

Just joking. I could have a worse name to be stuck with. “The history of rust” doesn’t sound too engaging. Neither does Toast museum. What the fuck are you smoking Mangetout ? Then again, ebay and all that.

I have a strange hankering to be called Pure Filth.

Be careful what you wish for… :wink:

This thread does not really meet the stndards of abusive behavior that we expect in the Pit, and it is asking a procedural question about the Board rather than discussing a policy, so I’m going to move it to About This Message Board.

As others have noted, your reason to desire a name change does not need to rise to the level of entering the Witness Protection Program, we are simply discouraging “name of the month” username changes. Send an e-mail to an Administrator (we lowly Moderators do not handle such weighty issues), with a request to change your name, giving some thought to the new one so that you are not stuck with both a bad name and the stigma of choosing a bad name twice.

I Touch Myself.

Would make an interesting name too.


Send me an email . . . from the same address you use for board stuff, as we need some verification that some wiseass doesn’t have control of your account . . . TubaDiva@aol.com.

We’re actually pretty cool on changing user names, though we don’t want them changing like this year’s fashions. Pick a name, live with it, pretty much, though we’ll put up with a change or two if necessary.

You name is who you are, choose carefully.

Oh, and this is a function for members; if you’re a guest, you’re stuck with what you chose . . .sign up and we’ll change it.

Please remember that all names are subject to review by management.

We hope that in the future we’ll be able to offer unique user titles, so those of you who wish to have something less permanent and more fun can play with that. Also subject to review by management . . . and for a fee.

your humble TubaDiva
Use carefully your power of choice.

How about Poster Child? Or Imposter? {Although the latter might raise suspicions of being an item of hosiery…}

cyborg platypus!

Eucharistic Chicken Fat! Oh wait…wasn’t there a band by that name back in the sixties?

Well, then,
** Yellow Waxy Buildup**
** Eggplant Fetish**
Chicago Typewriter
** Aunt Edna’s Disease**
Righteous Disembowelment

What? Those were **all ** bands back in the sixties?

You’re on your own, kid.

I don’t care what you are smoking, Mangetout. I always love your suggested user names. Keep it up!

It’s Just A Rash, Honey

I like your username Rooves. I know who you are. And I still have your postcard. If you change it to something else I may never recognise you.

Is Atomic Badger Racing still available? If I were going to change my username, that’s what I’d pick. Maybe.


Pontius Pirate

Cloaca Maxima