I Hate my username

I just read in the FAQ that I’d have to have a pretty damned good reason if I wanted to change my username. Is the fact that i HATE it a good enough reason?

Yeah, I know I picked it out. Who do I email? I just paid my new subscription fee which means I’ll be sticking around for another year. Let me have a shiney new name! :frowning:

You need to email your request to an administrator.

Make sure to put SDMB in the title of the e-mail.

Well you could try emailing one of the Administrators. You would have more sucess with this question in ‘About This Message Board’ maybe a Mod would be kind enough to move it there for you, though as I said just email an Admin.

What they are trying to say in the FAQ is that they don’t want people changing their username with every new fad that comes along. This is because if you have posted here for a while people get to know you and develop a sense of community. If you really don’t like your name, email TubaDiva or another administrator and they’ll be happy to change it for you.

Be aware that if they change your name, all of your previous posts will show up with the new name, which may cause some confusion to people going back and reading old threads where you are qouted or referred to by your old name.

If not, I find your username to be horribly offensive, and demand it be changed. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the chocolate.

And just ignore the goats.

Just be damned careful about what you pick for your new user name. They aren’t going to give you another shot at it.

I hate your username too. :wink:

I too hate my username. And I have asked for it to be changed, but I haven’t been able to think of one yet. Any suggestions? How do you guys make up such interesting ones?

How to pick a user name?

Mine was quite easy. :smiley:

Hello, ETF. Glad to see you’re still around.

I thought of one this morning, when I remembered a character from Fraggle Rock. Yeah, don’t ask me why. I was just waking up, and thought about the little song they would sing about “Convincing John.” Then I thought, “That would be a cool screnname, considering how much people attempt to convince each other of things on the Dope board.” (And bonus points if their name is actually John.)

I think a lot of people think up their names by referencing things they like. Mine is from the name of a Goth song by the Marionettes. Its got a beautiful choral part where they sing “Ave Dementia” in rounds, before going on to sing about losing your mind. Its brilliant.

At least Elucidator hasn’t taken to calling you Butch.

I’m considering changing mine. But not to Butch.

I think you should change it to Toast Museum

The History of Rust

Captain Midnight

Madcap Platypus

The Height of John Wayne

(I hate my username too. I want something a bit more…I dunno…exciting)

Soylent Chartreuse?

Desired Grind?