I HATE Sad Christmas Songs



Ooh, great poll idea: least favorite Christmas song. I hate Silent Night, because it sounds like a dirge.

Silent Night I like but if I hear that shoe song one more time, I’m tracking down that kid and his mother and b*tch-slapping them both until they bleed.

I get a kind of bittersweet pleasure out of a few of them, particularly “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” perhaps because it was a popular WWII anthem…and the line “if only in my dreams” makes me think of all the guys who never did come home.

A bit masochistic, obviously, which is why I change the station half the time…

Last year, my local radio station played a song even worse then the shoe song, a feat which I didn’t actually think was possible. It was some dire song about a little girl writing a letter to Jesus asking him to take care of all the poor little children so they wouldn’t be abused any more. In retrospect, the only thing really Christmassy about it was that it included Jesus in the lyrics, but by god, it was in the all-Christmas music mix, so it counts. And it was hilarious. It was definitely supposed to be depressing and I felt a tiny bit bad for giggling the whole rest of the drive home after I heard it, but it just didn’t quite cut it for me on the seriousness front.

As for actual sad Christmas music, I actually like most of it, particularly if it doesn’t have depressing lyrics, just melancholy music.

Depends on the song. The ones about the dead parents and little kids are iffy, but Fairytale of New York is my favorite Xmas song in general.

I like sad (but non-treacly) Christmas songs. What I really hate is cutesy Christmas songs not intended for children (things like “Santa Baby,” “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Little Saint Nick.”) Ugh.

Christmas carols should never be played before the day after Thanksgiving. Ideally, they shouldn’t be played until the following week, but we recognize that Black Friday is going to be awash in carols.

Just about anything written in the 20th century is bad. Yes, I am a grump. Ever since Sarah McLachlan sang “I’ll be home for Christmas,” though, I have warmed up to it a lot. Maybe I just grew up and realized what the song is really about? Anyway, nothing else gets a pass.

Not a problem in Germany. Christmas markets usually start the end of (our) Thanksgiving week. Not sure I remember when carols begin, but the trees are traditionally taken down the day after and not put up until the day of celebration of the holiday (the 24th).

I know our economy depends a lot on the holiday sales, but I have to say that by the 25th, I’m pretty much burned out on the music, if not the holiday itself.

Not meaning to “bum” anyone out, of course, :slight_smile:

ETA: I think this year will be the first in many that I won’t be buying a Christmas cd. :wink:


Also wanted to add that I like the music in my favorite Christmas pic, The Polar Express, except the “Christmas Doesn’t Work Out For Me”, kid. But that one just makes me feel bad for poor kids and I like that it has a happy ending.

I’m definitely in line to slap the kid with the shoes. I told my kids, “If I’m dying, the last thing I want to worrying about is my shoes! You buy me shoes on my deathbed and I’m cutting you out of my will.”
But…having been born on Christmas, I really adore Christmas music and play it on my ipod all year long, (d&r) and collect all the Christmas CDs I can get my hands on.

I am not familiar with this shoe song of which you speak. Can someone provide a linky to the lyrics, at least? I don’t think I really want a link to someone performing the song.

I agree with you on the “Shoe Song.”

Pure Schmaltz. ;):rolleyes:

New Year’s Eve baby here.:slight_smile:


I don’t trust those lyric sites. They don’t always “let you loose” easily.

Makes me cry every time, but I don’t hate it.

The audio compression on that also makes me cry, but not in a good way like the song.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdsgFjfQUKA Oh you poor devils … I dare you to click. NSF people who hate sad Christmas songs.

Christmas Shoes lyrics

I prefer thinking of this song as being about a little grifter who goes around stealing a new wardrobe for his mother, piece by piece, as a test. :smiley:

I must be living under some kind of Yuletide rock, because I have no idea what anyone’s talking about. “Shoe song”? :confused:

I used to work at a radio station as a DJ during my undergraduate years. We had a Hot AC (hot adult contemporary, basically, all current music save rap) and a country station. I was a jock on both, recorded on the country station thank heavens. We played the shoe song on BOTH stations at Christmas time. It was torture.