I hate Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

I watched the movie, and it was stupid. It could have been soo much better. The idea was there, just not the end result.

The comics are awesome, though.

I’ve never read the comics but have been exposed to all the hype about the movie. Watched it this week, my general reaction was “meh”. Not good, not bad, just a movie. My specific reaction that this movie drove home was that I’m soooo sick of Michael Cera playing the same damn irritating whiner/loser/social misfit/nerd character.

Haven’t read the comics. Maybe it would be a bit better if I have!

I thought Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was a terrific movie except for one thing. Unfortunately, the one thing was Scott Pilgrim.

The movie was, in my opinion, awfully well written (except for the Scott Pilgrim character) extremely well acted (except for Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim), smart, funny, imaginative, and brave.

But at its heart was a protagonist who was flatly impossible to root for. I understand that Scott Pilgrim is supposed to be a slacker; that’s fine. But the movie Scott Pilgrim isn’t just a slacker, he’s a worm. He has no personality at all, no charm, no nothing. He barely qualifies as human; there’s nothing admirable, likeable, or even memorable about him.

Good protagonists, even ones who’re down on their luck, need to have SOME strength, something we can admire. Pilgrim had nothing. He’s stupid, unaccomplished, dishonest, inconsiderate, and hasn’t a talent in the world. So why would you root for him?

His total lack of charisma and admirable traits, aside from making him wholly unsympathetic, also present two problems that are so jarring, so obvious, that even in what is essentially a video-game-filmed-in-the-guise-of-real-life movie, it’s impossible not to notice them:

  1. How in the hell does Scott Pilgrim have a string of hot girlfriends? Okay, I can understand Knives, who’s just smitten with an older guy, but why would an impossibly beautiful, clever woman like Ramona Flowers go out with a worm? They could have had Scott Pilgrim do or say something that impressed her, but they didn’t bother. Fine, let’s accept Ramona is a magical fairy sent purely to be Scott’s love interest; well, explain Kim. Explain Envy. I’d think it a miracle a guy like Scott had ever gotten a single date with anyone. Again, you could make this believable by just making him likable in some way.

  2. Why is Scott so eager to engage in combat with the Seven Evil Exes, aside from his unwillingness to hit a girl? Pilgrim is a hopeless coward in every facet of his life, but never shies from fighting. You’ve got to have it one way or another; either he’s a chickenshit and fights back only because he’s cornered, or he’s not a chickenshit.

I think that’s why I don’t like the movie. His character needed more…well…character.

I liked it.

You need to add a couple of fucks and shits for this to be Pit worthy, pal.

This shit fuck movie fucking wasted two hours of my otherwise shitless fucking life.

What **RickJay **said.

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Agree completely. Had they cast a similar actor who was only slightly more likeable, it would’ve been flawless. I’m thinking Jesse Eisenberg.

And I’m 40, so not exactly the target audience.

It was okay. I didn’t hate Michael Cera as much as I thought I would despite him playing George Michael Bluth & the Seven Evil Ex’s exactly true to form (as opposed to GMB & his pregnant girlfriend or GMB and… well, you know the drill). I don’t know that I ever need to see it again when it pops up on USA some Saturday afternoon.

Also, I enjoyed Aubrey Plaza which is only noteworthy because a week prior I had been filled with a simmering hate for her after seeing Funny People. Then again, Funny People left me with a simmering hatred for a whole lot of things, not the least of which was Funny People.

Duh. He’s in a BAND. Every guy in a band* gets more vajeen than they can handle.

*marching band members excluded

I kept hearing how much Doug Benson loves this movie on his podcast and figured I’d give it a try.

I barely made it through. What a boring, slow, dull movie.

This was one of those movies that makes me feel like there’s something broken in me when I don’t enjoy it. I mean, I hear of people who love a movie (love!), I watch it and think ‘meh’.

PS: Jophiel, Aubrey Plaza was the only redeeming factor (and only seen for a few minutes). Damn, she’s cute.

If this is some kind of chime in to say what you think kind of thing, then I despised this movie. Absurd.
What a waste of payperview money.

This was possibly the best new movie I saw this year. And I saw some pretty good movies in 2010.

Really? Why? I hated it! I really don’t get what other people see in it.

Am I missing something? Now I have to know.

I don’t think Pilgrim was a coward - he was just a complete slacker. He had zero initiative and just did what other people told him to do. He fought the exes because people (including the exes) kept telling him he was supposed to.

I thought it was funny, visually innovative, contained a huge number of memorable and distinct characters in a unique setting, displayed surprisingly deep characterization, and managed to cram in a hell of a lot of plot without ever feeling rushed. Honestly, the only criticism I can come up with for the film is the fact that, as others have pointed out, Michael Cera is once again playing the same character he plays in all of his movies - except that he’s also a kick-ass martial artist, and that’s so entirely against type for Michael Cera that it’s a hilarious joke in and of itself, and one that wouldn’t have worked nearly as well (if at all) with any other actor.

Also, as fan of the comic book, it hit that sweet spot where it feels exactly like the source material, without coming across as a retread of it, which is a pretty rare achievement in and of itself.

Anyway, I’m kind of baffled by the amount of flack this film received. I kind of figured it would be one of those movies that bombs at the box office, and then makes millions on DVD sales and cable TV reruns, like Firefly or The Shawshank Redemption, after word of mouth gets around. I never expected so many people to actively hate it.

Just goes to show, I guess.