Scott Evil is hot!

Scott Evil is hot

He’s on fire! He has smoldering good looks and an acid tongue – I’m burning up! The way he skewers “reality” TV shows over at PlanetSucks and stands up for what he believes in on this board really melts my butter – I knew he was something special the minute I followed his first wacky link. (It doesn’t hurt that he’s posted a number of flattering and fawning comments around this board, either – La publicite, LA PUBLICITE!) He’s absolutely fabulous and completely adorable. I heart Scott Evil!

Oh, Romeo. Wherefore art thou? And why, oh why, can’t we be geographically aligned? Life is such sweet sorrow. Oh, the humanity. Ah, l’amour. Toujours, l’amour. Be still my beating heart. :smiley:


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wow, the guy speaks French!

Salut to another Montreal doper!

depgrl, so stoopeed! You finally posted! :smiley:

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I think we need some pics, preferably nekked before we can come to a consensus on this. I mean I think he’s charming and witty to be sure but hot? I need to be convinced.

Hot he may be, but I will always picture him as looking like Seth Green.

Get a room!!!

You’ve met her, dear.

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Haha – Seth Green is totally who I pictured him looking like until he posted his pics.

heads up, The Mermaid.

I know. It’s good she finally decided to post.

ok, pbrtallboy and scott evil the both of ya meet and I mean soon dammit. Else I’m gone git muh shotgun after the both of yez fer keepin up with all this gooey mushy smoochy smoochy carryins on. :stuck_out_tongue:

::sigh:: I guess I must provide pics again. Try here and here.

Ease up, Moe. We’re just having a laugh. And **Swampy, ** for a Savannah girl, that kinda talk ain’t very ladylike. Thank GOD, I’m from Charleston. :wink:

Ok, you’ve won me over. I do hereby proclaim thee to be Officially Hot ®.

Way too young for me but still a cutie patootie.

pbrtallboy I live near Albeeeeeenyand down thisaways aimin’ yore shotgun is considered the height of ladylike manners. :smiley:


What’s too young? I’m almost 30.

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Let me repeat. Thank GOD i’m from Charleston – the height of manners and civilization! :wink:

Hear that Scott? Whip it out!

The money shots do, indeed, exist. I just don’t tend to store them on my PC at work, dear. :eek:

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Actually I can send you the shirtless one. :smiley:

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