The "meet scott evil" thread

A lurker no more…

My name is scott evil (all lowercase ;)) and I’m a boardaholic.

(Dopers, in unison: “Hi, scott.”)

I’m also a boredaholic. See, I have this job where they pay me to do hardly anything. Think Office Space - 15 minutes of work in a given week, sometimes less. More on that later.

I come to you a two-year veteran of a board a portion of which was made famous during the first run of “Survivor.” But you all seem to have so much more fun over here.

Anyway, I’m 29, I live in Montreal (yes, I know the notorious matt_mcl), and I’m a tech writer for some big high-tech company. And, oh yeah, I’m gay. Gonna make somethin’ of it? I like long walks, beautiful sunsets, and meaningful thoughts as the wind breezes through my flaxen hair.

Oh, hell, I don’t like any of those things. I’m lazy, I’m a total slacker, I smoke far too much and eat far too little. I’ve also been known to imbibe to excess on occasion. (OK, almost always.) My job is boring as hell most of the time, and I thank the sweet Lord every morning that we have web access, and that I’m good with the ALT+TAB maneouvre when I sense my boss is going to sneak up on me.

I like obscure disco (like, really obscure stuff) and it’s become my web radio obsession. I also adore Kate Bush and everything she’s ever done, alpha to omega. As someone once so eloquently put it, I’d buy a recording of her reciting her grocery list while gargling in the morning. I also have an obsesssion-type-thing for the Montreal metro (which is how I first met matt_mcl - through his kick-ass website). Dunno why, but there seem to be a lot of us metrophiles coming out of the woodwork…

I also enjoy ripping to shreds media whores who appear on reality TV shows - but I’ll save that for the aforementioned other board…

I studied music composition at McGill with a minor in Italian. I’ve written two musicals (well, the second one isn’t quite done) and started writing a third.

OK, I’m starting to bore even myself. :rolleyes:

Pics of me available on request, to the right bidder… :wink:

As the immortal Patsy Stone would say, “Right, cheers, thanks a lot.”

  • s.e. :smiley:

Hi there. Welcome!

See you around.

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome. You sound intelligent and interesting (we’ll let that whole metro thing slide ;)) and frankly anyone who writes musicals is fabulous in my book. Can we hear any of the songs online?

The SDMB is a pretty great place most of the time. I’m sure the inimitable matt_mcl has told you all about us. Take a look around and get acquainted, and I hope we can all get along marvellously.

An AbFab fan? Cool! Welcome to the Board–the Bolly is to your left, the Stoli to your right.

Hi, Scott!

Lemme be the first to say:

Welcome to Hell.

(not really;))

Here, once you start, you can’t stop posting to be able to do this:

Go up to a cop, say “I’m a doper.”, walk away, and not be arrested.(on an offense you actually did, anyway.)
Have a good time, and stay forEVER!!!
[sub][sup]or else…[/sub][/sup] :smiley:

Okay, I opened this thread convinced that you were my boyfriend, who’s name is Scott, and who is often dubbed evil. As you are gay and 29 though, I am reconsidering. :smiley:

Welcome to the boards! I go to McGill (although I might be switching to Concordia) in Classics. I um… take the bus a lot?
[sub]Woohoo! Another Montrealer![/sub]

Wipe your feet when you come in
Use a coaster
Don’t take any wooden nickles

OK, that’s all I’ve got. :smiley:

Sweety, Daaaahling! Champers?

How many technical writers can they be who are AbFab fans?

Well, there are two of us, right here. What a fabulous coincidence, Daaahling!


Now…I’ll just be taking this champers back to my sensory deprivation booth…

P.S. You don’t seem that evil to me. Prove it for crying out loud!

hello and enjoy your stay.

and don’t any strange mushrooms.


Have you ever seen the website for this lady that married the Berlin wall? Welcome aboard! Don’t forget to check our “FAQ” threads in the “About This Message Board” forum.

Not that kind of obsession, Arnold.

Although on second thought… all those trains going into tunnels… ooooh! :o :eek:

[small]Besides, I’m one billion times the metro geek he is.

Although I do thank him for the legwork getting the Expo 67 metro maps. ;)[/small]

I wonder how many technical writers are with us here on the boards?

I had a 2 hour interview with a company today for a tech writer position. It sounds like a great job but I keep wondering if I want to pursue this line of work or try once again to go for a programming / developer position. My previous job was as a tech writer and like your job it kind of turned into office space. Did the engineer respond to my questions yet? No. Hmm. Check the news web page. Any response yet? No. Resend query and visit the Straight Dope. Does he know I exist yet? No. Commence creative technical writing by inventing answers. No one reads the tech doc anyway… sadly… sniff…

But still, it was better than the world of… consulting. Shudder.

Anyway welcome to the board. My friends always seem to start our get togethers with a Scott Evil quote so your name will stand out for me.

Welcome! Love your user name, any chance your RL father is a doctor? :smiley:

Thus is the life of a tech writer. Waiting endlessly for mindless engineers to return checking copies of your chapters so you can do the edits… being forced to surf the web and post endlessly on message boards. Having a FrameMaker document always open in the background so it looks like you’re working and can ALT+TAB when you hear the boss coming. sigh

Technical writing is manual labor. (Think about that one a sec… you’ll get it… ;))

Of course no-one reads the tech doc. If we wanted to know how it worked, we’d go ask someone.:smiley:

… you call tech support with mundane questions and clog up the lines, thus preventing those with actual problems from getting through. The tech support guys tell me the first question they always ask the caller is “Did you read the manual?” :mad:

  • s.e.

Oh, no, I didn’t mean tech. support.
I mean someone who knows :smiley:
Actually, on more than one occassion I have RTFM and found them to be useful, so no offence intended.

I thought only a tech writer or tech support guy would know what RTFM means… props to you. :wink:

No, no, I’m quite proud of the manuals we produce, especially the two I wrote completely on my own… (Available for download if you really want… ;))

  • s.e.

Sometimes when my Dad and I are working together on a project he’ll suggest reading the manual. My response is always, “No, Way! I know the kind of people that write that stuff! Poor bastards probably never even got a beta.”

BWAHAHAHAHA! If only you knew how true that was.

Software engineer: “Oh, we have a new build for you to install, but it’s still full of bugs.”

Tech writer: “Gee, it’s gonna be fun to document that!:smiley:

  • s.e.