I HATE the company...

…that owns my building!

They have become total rent Nazis. I mean, yes, I know it’s due on the first of the month, but hey, if I pay it on the 3rd, what’s the big deal? But now, if I pay any later than the 1st, they can go to the rental board, bla bla bla.

Anyway so my rent this month was a couple of days late so they called my bloody parent who co-signed my lease (due to my abysmal credit). I get home from work on Monday only to get a phone call from my sobbing mother who started going on about how when she was 20 she had two kids, wore the same pair of shoes for three years, and didn’t have 25 cents to spare for a sob cup of sob coffee. And it went on like that for about two hours.

I managed to turn the conversation around and make it about me (“I’m sorry if that sounds selfish, darling, but it’s ME ME ME” - Edina Monsoon).

Anyway the people in my building are pissed off because the signs they put up about this new crackdown have been ripped down. And now I have to totally re-arrange my monthly budgeting. SUCK!

End of rant.

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ahem, to the pit?

The rest of us have to rearrange our budget to pay rent on the 1st. Why should’t you?

Hmm. I have abysmal credit. I don’t pay my rent on the 1st of the month.

You know, one might have something to do with the other. Or at least be an indication of what the problem is.

Nope. No sympathy here.

To the dungeon with ye! (speaking to the thread of course)

Just out of idle curiousity, if your company distributed paychecks a few days late, would it be a big deal?

Dude, in case you haven’t figured it out, you are paying people for the privelege of living on their property. It’s their house, they get to make the rules.

If you don’t like them, you are free to move to another place.

That’s pretty anal and annoying. What do they do if the 1st is on a weekend?

Not looking for it… :wink: I know they’re within their rights… I was just annoyed about the phone call to mummy…

In any case, this will turn out to be a good thing for me as I’ll end up being ahead every month instead of trying to catch up.

Wow, I’m off to a good start here…

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Don’t worry about it, honey. I think that for at least 50% of Dopers, one of our first threads turns out badly. My first pit thread sure as hell did. I was called a disgrace to my gender!

Yes, but sweets, I’m coming from one of the most viciously strict and nasty boards I can possibly imagine existing. Anyway, I shall not let it get to me… I catch on pretty quick. :slight_smile:

A big company like Starbucks would never do a thing like that.

I’m just screwin’ with ya, scott!

Well, he does have One Meeeeeeelyun Dollars, right?

There may be more here than we know. For example, I look at my own circumstance. I am a responsible hard working (2 jobs) stand up kind of guy, with a genuine interest in paying all of my bills on time. And yet, sometimes things are late.

Why? Well for starters, my wife is disabled and I am the only means of economic support for my family. This means that regularly I am borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Couple this with the fact that I get paid every other Friday (thus sometimes after the first) and do not have an extra months rent just sitting around and yeah, the fucking rent can get paid on the third from time to time.

Naturally, I am personalizing this. I do not know that the OP is not just a slacker. That said, I advocate the benefit of the doubt.

Scott – what does your lease agreement say? Commonly they spell out a grace period for rent (in the case of my apartment, it’s a full five days, although I always pay by the 1st).

I am a slacker by nature, and bad with money.

Just a bit of history to explain why this was a bit of a surprise to me:

First, I never had any problem with them before paying my rent on the 3rd or whatever. My cheques were always good and never bounced. Not a once.

Second, I lived in another of the company’s buildings when I was in university (and hence had much less money than I do now) and they’d never bug me until the 15th. Not that I’d regularly wait that long, but it happened a couple of times. I was also told by the rental agent that if I couldn’t pay it right away, at least give them a post-dated cheque for when I could.

However, I do intend to comply with this new regulation, and as I said earlier, this will probably help me get back on track by essentially forcing me to.

Now, can we let this thread die? Having been flamed your first day on a new board (especially coming from a board run by Nazis) was not fun… :frowning:

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In Quebec, that’s generally the case, but the lessor and lessee are free to come to an agreement for payment at another day of the month.

DIE, THREAD, DIE! :wink:

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