I Hate The Pizza Hut Perky Dude Voice!

Call Pizza Hut when they are busy and you get this terribly obnoxious perky dude excitedly telling you all the team members are busy answering other calls.

He sounds like a Disneyland tourist guide on speed. I just want to smack him one!

I work in a national call centre, and we often have to transfer customers to their local office. Every office has different hold music, the one for Shreveport is this really perky woman, you get 30 seconds of hold music, and then “Your call is VERY important to us! Please hold the line so we can provide you with STELAR service!” then 30 seconds of hold music, then her again. It’s enough to drive you insane; especially since this division has the longest hold times of any.

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mundays. Yuck yuck!

Apologies to Office Space

Occasionally, I have to call Ford for assistance(I work at a Ford dealership), and their phone messages are done by a man who sounds like Carlton the doorman from the old Rhoda TV show. My eyes glaze over as he goes into insidious detail about the options I have. They assume everyone is a first time caller and that you have to have every option explained to death. He speaks really slow, and I sit there feeling my brain rust away whenever I call.

My bank has ATMs that speak in a VERY pretentious upper-class British accent. “Please select the TRAHHHNS-ahction yeew would like to PRO-cess.” God, those are obnoxious.

An ex-girlfriend in Denver is supposedly the voice behind many large corporate voice mail systems there. I express some schadenfreude when I think “I hope people are in voice mail hell getting mad at her perky yet upscale commercial-quality voice.”

You think thats bad, at the Pizza Hut here in Mt View you get a voice application now. Its a totally automated voice recognition app, with the recorded voice of what sounds like a 16 year old girl; you dont talk to a person any more. The damn thing kept thinking I was saying anchovie when I was saying artichoke. I can only imagine whats its like for someone with an accent.

a bit off the topic, but how about that oven mitt guy on the arbies commmercials?

i now spell annoying O V E N M I T T G U Y

ME TOO! One time when I called in, I told my restaurant general manager he sounded like we were advertising crack cocaine… she was NOT amused. Probably why I never took a double delivery that night :slight_smile:
Not that my MVR wasnt already pissin her off… :smiley:

A whole night without a double? Holy shit

Worst recorded voice to which I have recently been exposed: one of the voices they were testing for the updated metro voice announcement systems. She sounded like she had been having the monthlies for a month, and she mispronounced a good sixth of the station names.

The current one just sounds like her doze is stuffed ub.

You do realize that the voice of Oven Mitt Guy is provided by Tom Arnold, no? Annoying is not the word.


I wonder if it’s the same guy who does the menu listings for Best Buy customer service. He sounds like a male cheerleader. “OK!” Thoroughly annoying.

I place orders about once a week to a company whose menu voice sounds like the Nanny. I’ve learned to dial option 5 as soon as the phone picks up. Then I’m tempted to give the representative a taste of the Deep South: “Hey, sugar! Kin you hep me? Ah need to place an orduh with y’all.”