I hate when I make mistakes like this...

I decided to cut-and-paste a recent cover letter, because the job duties were similar, and just demanded some slight adjustments and additions here and there. I sent it in… Then realized I forgot to change one important thing: the job title.

And it was for a copy editing job.

And this is the second time (albeit out of TONS of cover letters) that I’ve done this.

And I can’t decide if it would be worse for me to send a second letter with an apology, or to emphasize my error by sending a second letter. Which wouldn’t have been necessary at all had I not had my brain fart.


D’oh! I’ve done similar things in the past on resumes where I’ve listed “attention to detail” as one of my attributes.

Forget trying to salvage the situation, particularly because it’s a copy editing job, you’ve destroyed any chance of succeeding.

I was writing a cover letter for a community college adjunct training course and my friend jokingly inserted random adjectives while it was up on my laptop (I was with her at the time, so it’s not like she did it behind my back). Later that night I edited it, being careful to delete everything she’d added . . . or so I thought.

The letter came back with the phrase “magical education” circled and a huge question mark drawn beside it. I had to laugh at the thought of my confused professor, although I was also grateful it hadn’t been for, you know, an actual job.

I had “attention to detail” as a strength of mine, then after submitting my resume did I realize that I didn’t put my street name on the resume. Just the numbers. (Granted, I live on a numbered street, but still…)

I once had a mistake on my resume (with the attention to detail on there) and got an interview anyway.

Don’t sweat it too much, it happens. I would let it go and be more careful next time.

Also, don’t double-check AFTER sending.