I hate when Neal Conan goes on vacation

I hope it was vacation – he’s not sick, is he?

Roberta Roberts did Talk of the Nation on NPR this week. She’s Cokie Roberts’ daughter.

I didn’t like her at all. She has a beautiful voice for radio, and excellent diction (of course), but I thought she was cold and dismissive with callers. When she said “You’re on the air”, I pictured her rolling her eyes. “I have to talk to anyone who calls? Well, let’s get this over with then.”

I’ll bet her eyebrows are permanently arched.

I missed Neal. I think he genuinely likes people, and he would have had something nice to say to Javier, the Hispanic garlic picker who called in yesterday to explain why he doesn’t participate in Take Your Kids to Work Day.

How do you think she did? Did you miss Neal?

I sure do, Auntie Pam, but that’s because my stupid station axed Talk of the Nation so that it can run early AND late editions of Marketplace. Yes, I’d much rather know what the Dow did in the last 2 hours than what’s going on in the country :rolleyes: . Since they’re clearly more interested in money than news, they can forget receiving any more of mine. :mad:

Are you serious? ToTN is the best thing on radio! You can’t get it anymore at all, not even on AM?

My affiliate messed around with scheduling a few months back too. They replaced Mid-Day and Talk of Iowa with world news on the FM channel. Nothing wrong with that except that I can get world news after 6. I want local stuff at mid-day. I was pissed until I figured out that I could still get Mid-Day and Talk of Iowa on AM.

Mary Doria Russell was on the local show yesterday. Mary Doria Russell! She sounded nothing like what I expected.

Nope, if I want to listen to it, I have to stream it from my computer, which actually I don’t mind. On the other hand, I see no reaon to pledge to my local station when I have to listen to the shows on my computer. Idiots. I send money to NPR directly now. Really? I think they are trying to appeal to more conservative listeners who have what? More money to pledge :mad: . Our local programming bites, too. There’s a program called These Days that’s so boring it makes me want to scoop my brains out thru my eyesockets with a spoon (on for TWO HOURS every morning) and another show about grammar during which the hosts pun, nonstop. It is to hurl. Sorry for the hijack and thanks for letting me vent :wink: . I hope they bring Neal back - besides Terry Gross and Ira Glass, he’s my favorite.

Maybe a letter to the station would help. It did here. They put some stuff back and moved (or got rid of) Diane Reehm’s show, and they said it was in response to viewer suggestions.

Our local show might be boring to some, but I love listening to Elwin Taylor talk about the weather. They also have hours dedicated to pets, gardening, books, and movies, in addition to pimping Iowa events.

Is your station connected to a college? I think ours is affiliated with Iowa State University – that’s where most of the experts come from.