I hate you guys...

I just wanted to say that I really hate you guys.

there. the Yin and Yang has been satisfied.

There is no yin and yang. There is only the Self.

Hey, wonder what ZPG Zealot has to say about being kissed on both cheeks. Probably something appropriately Sabine.

Are Yin and Yang those pandas they were trying to mate?

I like everybody equally.

Except for the bastards.

Hey, take it easy over there.

I really like this thread, it’s got vinegar up the yingyang.

And you’re all bastards, so…

Fuck… uh… can’t go there.

Forget You, Shakes!

Said with all the love and respect I can muster. :wink:

So why isn’t there a “Pointed Stuff You Must Share” forum?

Isn’t this it?

I hate this thread.
Mostly because I can’t think of anything clever to type here.

Shakes, for a minute, I thought that this thread was you complaining about people not liking the fact that you throw your cigarettes out of your vehicle window.

My sig says it all…

Bastard-coated bastards with a bastard center.

To the OP: good on ya, mate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, but Shakes, do you hate everyone equally? :slight_smile:

All y’all are a bunch of poopyheads. :mad:


That was brilliant! er… um… I mean stupid!

Well, I try EmilyG, I try…

Thanks for the hate Shakes. It’s good to know you care enough to hate us.