I hate you guys...

Is it a crunchy bastard centre?

I only hate some of you. You know who you are. {Makes fingers pointing at my eyes, then yours gesture}

Yeah, well god hates you and them always. :mad::mad::mad:

There is no God and He hates me.

Representing to generate a little mod-hate.

I was hoping to get the yang satisfied today. Thanks.

We have the ATMB forum for that.

We’re still not sending you any money.

No, but there is a nutty bastard crust that makes kind of crispy.

Crispy bastards? I don’t know about that. :dubious:

Pffft, I hate me more than you ever could.

Wow…… a new low in thread material….

Fix your hair, stop listening to The Action and lay off the amphetamines.