I flame you ALL!!!!

What kind of pathetic BBQ pit is THIS? THIS is the flame forum? HA! I spit on your flames! I scoff at your flames! You all SUCK.

How I long for the days when online communication was not in any way specialized… your only option was local BBSes, rife with morons, idiots, buttheads and assholes, along with great wits, big brains others armed and ready to crush the aforementioned.

What fucking fun is it when birds of a feather alight on the same branch? I want to MIX IT UP! Where’s the hostility, the anger, the frustration…the people getting new assholes ripped?

No fuckin’ fun, I’m tellin’ ya. You all can blow me, ya buncha pussies.

Are YOU ready for Y2K? Take my advice: Panic early and avoid the rush.


So there.

Hey, Stoid, you fascist hate-filled rumour mongering neanderthal, didn’t you hear about “Love thy neighbour as thy elf,” said the dwarf.

You all are nothing but rotten pieces of decaying moose flesh, you pansy-ass southpaws with your MTV and your automatic transmissions, flitting about the town square like some goddammed Manhattanite with a martini in one hand and a dead ostrich in the other! Who do you think you are? You excrement! Kiss my monkey!

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

Excellent. Now let’s get a topic we can spend this on.


Are YOU ready for Y2K? Take my advice: Panic early and avoid the rush.

Kiss my ass. At high noon, in Times Square, on January 1, 2000.
And just to cover all the bases, kiss my ass a second time, a year later, at the same time, in the same place.

And here all this time I thought you were a broad, now you’re telling us to blow you?

Why you foul-mouthed baby-rapin’ ball-busting penis-envying slack-jawed hatchet-faced sack of doorknobs, you wouldn’t know a good blow job if it jumped up and bit you in the ass.

Now you want a topic? Why? You never needed one before, you MPSIMMED BBQ pit imposter.
Why not rant some more about your little animal friends, with your pinky ring in the air and your pie-hole crammed with bacon bits and mutton grease oozing from your pores? You make me puke.

(How was that?)

I AM A woman, and I STILL want you to BLOW ME.

Pinky ring? Pie hole? YUCK.

Someone say something outrageous and piss everybody off, for Christ’s sake! This place is boring!

Are YOU ready for Y2K? Take my advice: Panic early and avoid the rush.

I think that Nickrz has said what we have all been itching to say for a long time—Lets hear it for him!!!

As for a topic, if it has to do with if it has anything to do with guns, racism, southern folks, or the best way to kill a raccoon, Im game!

“In wildness is the preservation of the world, so seek the wolf inside thyself”

Justin… I had no idea you harbored such hostility towards me.

Are YOU ready for Y2K? Take my advice: Panic early and avoid the rush.

It’s a hot summer night. The hot tub is ready and the drinks are iced. Everyone is in a great mood and the conversation is excellent.
As the catered dinner is served, fireworks explode in the clear night. I lean over and whisper to my partner,“You’re right, not inviting Stoidela WAS the best idea I ever had!”

Slythe… I’m a fabulous guest and an even better hostess. But a party ain’t a debate board.

I’m just frustrated because no one is really talking about anything. it was hot for while… .guns, religion, abortion… but hey, maybe those are the only hot topics, and once they’ve been done, they’ve been done.


Are YOU ready for Y2K? Take my advice: Panic early and avoid the rush.

I was kidding, Stoidela. There’s always room for you in the hot tub.
On the topic, though, maybe you’re right, but let’s give it a whirl anyway.
Who would you sterilize if given a chance? Not groups of people, but individuals. NAME NAMES!

Thanks, Slythe. Coincidentally, I had just come in from my hot tub when I read that. I love having one…and a pool. Life is good.

But to answer your question…who would I sterilize? There are so many, and as many reasons as there are people who need sterilizing.

Top of my head:

Arg - reasons obvious.
Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Ollie North… unfortunately the damage is already done with most of them.

Hmmm… who else. you told me I couldn’t do groups, but I will anyway: all fanatic Muslims. First on my list, in fact.

Let’s see… gosh, can’t think right now. All toasty from my tub but in desperate need of a moisturizer.

Are YOU ready for Y2K? Take my advice: Panic early and avoid the rush.


Yea, I got yer moisturizer…

Wakasashi Weinie Wacking-The Sport Of Kings!
Pat Robertson
James Dobson
And a rusty butter knife for Falwell.

As for the moisturizer, I think I spilled it when I visited your website!

This is slythe, not sly.
One is cute; the other is smart.

Have you actually visited it? I’m very proud of it. Best on the net!

Are YOU ready for Y2K? Take my advice: Panic early and avoid the rush.

See, herin lies the problem with having a separate flame area. A good flamewar is two things:

  1. Context (it occurs because the person you’re having a discussion with is a total fucking idiot (Kalt springs to mind))

  2. Spontaneity (good flames are off the cuff. If I had the time to think, I don’t feel much like flaming any more)

Having a whole area for flaming (not just this thread, mind you, but the whole BBQ Pit) defeats both of the sources of a good flame: Since no real discussions are SUPPOSED to be started here, there can be no context for a good flame. And since, once a flamewar starts, we are supposed to move it here, the spontaneity dies.

Ah well, my rant for the day. Back to your regularly scheduled * ad hominem * attacks.

Jason R Remy

“Open mindedness is not the same thing as empty mindedness.”
– John Dewey Democracy and Education (1916)

Our experience from the AOL board was that these things come in cycles. Relax, wait it out, it’ll all rise up again (er, so to speak) in a few days or a few weeks.

In response to Jayron’s comments: Yes, exactly, the primary idea of having a BBQ pit was so that when a thread posted elsewhere got too hot, it could move here. Then those who wanted to read it, could, and those who didn’t, could stick to the topic at hand.

On the whole, us monitors think this has worked fairly well.

The other thing not mentioned is that this is a breakfast club of bored arrogant pissants who have nothing better to do. Same faces over and over and over again.

Get a job you crybabies! You bunch of High School debate team wankers. Come here when you actually have something worth saying instead of farting about because you’re avoiding the pile of dishes at home.

You don’t want a good argument, you want someone to tell you how fucking clever you are.

**<center>Well, piss off!