How to flame

Hah! You people know nothing about flaming.

This is how to flame.

Oh, I don’t know about that. Pretty good, but we’ve had our share here. Too bad you can’t search…


I dunno, that’s a pretty good meltdown right there. 0 to crazy in just 7 posts. My favorite part:

Wooooo! Feel the love!

I don’t think any rules are being broken here, are there?
Just a display of how things went tragically wrong on another board. We should learn from this, really.

Then it was my fuck up. I saw a guest posting something about a boards war and jumped the gun.

That link is pretty damn funny though.

Oh, and it’s not a board war in the traditional sense. It’s a war ON a board, not between them.

Here is a very interesting article about this cyclotouriste person by The Scotsman.

Tough call. There is a rule about linking other messageboards but that pertains more to someone trying to start a board war between us and someone else. This thread will probably just end up in MPSIMS.

The OP should not have used the phrase “board war” for the link, if he is not trying to start a board (and I do not think he is).

Doesn’t sound like a “board war”, so much as one complete lunatic. Pretty funny, though.

Cool resume! I love it when a person applying for a job teaching English submits a resume full of spelling and grammatical errors.

Does anyone else remember that recorded call to customer service at Dell or Gateway or something that made the rounds about five years back? The guy started off really quiet and tempered, explaining his problem patiently, and ended up busting a jugular, screaming threats and profanity? The linked thread kinda reminds me of him.

We could start a bidding war for him. It’s already up to one thousand internet dollars but I think we could easily collect a trillion gazillion internet dollars from our members.

I wouldn’t call it a “board war”, either. In fact, I’m not sure it even qualifies as a flame. It looks to me like your basic nut job going nuclear in the face of a few mild mannered jests and then further sinking into total insanity when things don’t go his way by going “secret agent man” on us.

Nevertheless, rather entertaining. I’m sure glad it didn’t happen here.

… or am I?

Whoa! He’s been banned by the Freepers for being batshit crazy. I’m impressed!

Oh, yes, it did–I had the misfortune of being the primary target. I should have left well enough alone.

he’s probably upset cuz some crazy neighbour keeps letting her cats get eaten by his dog.

You’ll have to go someplace else to whip up a board war, rayh. Bon voyage.

Pit mod

Further clarification please!