I have a crush on a curler...how pathetically Canadian of me.

Ahh, Suzanne Gaudet, Prince Edward Island’s confident, talented, 21-year-old skip at this year’s Scott Tournament of Hearts.

With your fibreglass broom, you have swept me off of my feet.

Hearing your mellifluous voice chiming “HAAARDDD!” on TSN makes my toes curl.

With every point you steal, you also steal a little piece of my heart.

Dare I say it, but you rock my world.

It’s just too bad that we’re on opposite ends of this vast expanse known as Canada. But thanks to the SDMB, I can not only immortalize our unrequited love here and forever, but make four bone-jarringly bad curling puns to boot.



I don’t keep up with curling much, myself. … but I couldn’t help catching a bit when I was flipping around.

I like her too! I just do! SHe looks natural… and confident… nice eyes and I like her dark chocolate brown hair too!

I saw the thread title, thought of a curling iron, & subsequently went, “Huh?”. It’s obvious that I need to move off Long Island.

My dad is a curler. He never inspires crushes, I am willing to bet.

Unless he drops a rock on someone’s toe, of course. :smiley:

You have to be secure to have a crush on a skip.

Can you imagine the bedroom talk?

“Hurry! Hurry hard! Off! Hard!”

A guy could get a complex.

I have a hanckering for a cruller. Mmmmmm

You don’t know about curling? And you call yourself “cosmopolitan”? Sheesh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, it looks like you won’t be seeing your crush on tv this afternoon, Treviathan: she got knocked out yesterday in the semi-final, so it’s Newfoundland & Labrador v. Team Canada for the trophy.

Imagine my disapointment when I went and married a Canadian, only to find out that she didn’t curl anymore. sob

[Dr Smith]
Oh, the pain, the painofitall!
[/Dr Smith]

Love with a curler? Can’t work. They only want to get your rocks off.

But at least your kitchen floor will be clean.

I wasn’t really into curling until I watched the UK Women’s Curling Team at the SLC Olympics. Nailbiting stuff. But I can’t claim to have a crush on any of them…

I saw the game yesterday, and I was thinking she looks a bit like Winona Ryder.

I know, I saw it in all it’s obscene glory. What with Jan Betker disintegrating the day before, it’s been a great forty-eight hours.

That earthquake in California was actually caused by my heart being cleft in twain.