I have a dream

I’ve decided I want to become a cigarette spokesperson.

Wearing my bayou hat, pair of red tinted shades and a button up black shirt with my snake wrapped around my neck. Sleeves rolled up and tattoos showing.

Smoking on a tasty cigarette. On a bill board over the highway.

Or perhaps dressed as a pirate, keel-hauling some poor bastard while puffin away on a cigar.

“Proving once and for all smoking makes you a bad ass.” the caption would say.

Or a whiskey spokesman. Put on my snooty art snob wannabe gear: black pants and shoes, grey turtleneck, black leather coat, glasses. Sitting at a high class bar, staring off into space with a tumbler of bourbon on ice. Smoking, of course.


Wouldn’t life be grand?

Hey, more power to you. Here’s hoping your dream comes true.

raises glass in toast

Lord Ashtar, thank you for the toast.

And on that note, around my 1 year anniversary here, and this is my 100th post in this completely rediculous thread. I feel…I feel like I’m going to grab a beer out of the fridge and drink it, and start one of those silly celebratory posts!