I have a job! Hooray for me!

At last I have secured myself a summer job! Not only is it a job, but it’s a cool job that I might actually enjoy! I get to be a research assistant for a professor and her graduate students in a lab on campus! I get to do fun stuff with cellular imaging and whatnot.

Granted, some of it will be kinda tedious grunt work (like preparing glass slides and steralizing tools) but I also get to have fun with cell samples, and all in all actually learning a lot about what it is people in my major (biomedical engineering) do!


Do you get to go to the graveyard to get extra parts for her experiments?

Congratulations, bouv!
The job sounds neat… Great that you’re getting some experience in your field; it’ll look good on your resume and help you get your feet wet in biomed stuff.

Good luck!
Kn(who has sterilized more tools and poured more culture plates than she could count)ckers.

I’m a research associate–it’s my full-time job. (That’s, uh, where I am right now . . . heh heh.) I’ve done everything from report-writing and proofreading to designing brochures and laminating covers. The best part is putting the publications I helped write on my resume.

For me, it’s applied sociology. In other words, we conduct telephone surveys and analyze the data regarding things like, oh, the effectiveness of an insurance company’s health-and-wellness initiatives or the impact of a prevention program’s media campaigns about the dangers of underage drinking.

I’ve learned more here than I ever did in college.

Right now, we’re working on some policy evaluations for the Ohio Department of Public Safety. So if Ohioans start getting pulled over just for refusing to wear a seat belt, we might have a (miniscule) hand in that. :o

Good luck with your job, bouv!

Congratulations, bouv. I hope you enjoy your new job.

Congrats, bouv. As a grad student still struggling to find summer support, it cheers me to hear that someone managed to snag a cool way to get cash for the next few months.

Congrats to ya, bouv. Hope ya have a good time and learn oodles. :smiley:

Congrats to ya, bouv. Hope ya have a good time and learn oodles. :smiley:

'Grats, bouv! I’d imagine you can have all sorts of fun in a lab! :slight_smile:

Congrats! A research assistant sounds like fun - especially if it’s in your major!


Well I hope so! Lord knows there are enough here (Troy, NY.) I swear, every street seems to have it’s own cemetary around here…creepy…

Looks like we get to start calling bouv and Eve Burke and Hare.

Hooray for you! Luck and joy in your new position

HEy I want some love too!

After 14 months of unemployment I managed to Snag a Job int he Book divison of AOL time Warner. It’s jsut an Internship, but hey things are looking up

Congrats, I hope you have a good summer.

WHy thank you, I shall now do the dance of Joy…